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How to Build a Successful Online Business in This Pandemic?

Build Successful Online Business This Pandemic

Undeniably, many businesses are massively affected by COVID-19. There are a lot of struggles everyone is facing because of the current situation, but this does not mean that you can never bounce back or do something to secure the business you have built. This might be a tough season, for now, nonetheless, your venture will […]

Big Data and its Impact on Business

Big Data

Big data is a collection of data made up of large data sets. You can use it to analyze patterns, associations, and trends. Big data can transform businesses as it lets you make better decisions, decrease your operating costs, and increase your revenue. How do you define big data? There are four characteristics you can […]

Four Things Your Company Needs to Do to Attract Overseas Attention

Overseas Attention

Going global and attracting overseas attention is perhaps one of the most difficult skills to master in entrepreneurship. Appealing to an international audience is not only difficult, but it depends a lot of attention and you need to think about a whole range of different concerns before you can even attempt to start marketing your […]

How to Create Relevant and Engaging SEO Reports?

SEO Report

What separates a perfect SEO report for a low-quality one? Low-quality SEO reports are complex and packed with technical jargon. They include way too many KPIs and metrics and do not explain them to a client. Just because you are tracking clients’ SEO performance via multiple tools, copy-pasting a bunch of stats to Excel, and […]