Strategies for efficient and effective blogging

Writing a blog can be compared to driving, just like unless you hit the road, you will not know how to do it. The moment you decide to write a blog, the next thing in your mind will be what are the strategies to be adapted for an efficient and effective blog? Let us get […]

How to moderate the comments?


Blogging is one of the most important traditional platforms that allow the bloggers to have direct interaction with the readers using comment sections. In fact, there are many blogs where the readers can post their comment. However, the webmasters often have a tool known as moderation system which allows them to deal with harsh, obscene, […]

How to start a blog? The ultimate guide

Start a Blog

Hello, Friends! As you know starting a blog in the right way is a very crucial step. Because the wrong ways to start a blog will never ever bring success for you. So this article is all about “Starting a blog, perfectly and the right way”. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll navigate through every […]

Building Blogging Credibility the Right Way!

Building Blogging Credibility

With tons of blogs available with just one click, it gets difficult to outshine. You might think that only comprehensive writing skills are good enough to attract readers but the fact is that your polished writing skills will do only half the work. Until and unless readers believe in what you have to say, the […]

How to deal with negative comments on your blog?

Negative Comments

The most prominent agony that a newcomer faces in the blogging world is what if the article are met with some negative comment! Let me tell you then, it’s really going to be a shame to miss out on the interaction platform offered by blogging simply because of the fear of negative comments. It’s perhaps […]