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Blogging vs. Vlogging: Will Vlogging Replace Blogging?

Blogging vs. Vlogging

Nowadays, blogging vs. vlogging has become a heated debate. In reality, though, neither one is necessarily better than the other. They are two entirely different mediums. But it’s still important to look at the blog vs. vlog difference just to get some insight. Both vlogging and blogging present opportunities for people across the world to […]

11 blog post types to write that deliver results if you’re running out of ideas

Blog Post Types to Write

It may be cliché, but it still stands true: content is still king. Among the many types, a blog seems to take one of the highest places. You just need to look at the statistics. According to the data collected by OptInMonster, Over 75% of Internet users read blogs regularly. Marketers who focus on blogging […]

What a Successful Blog Needs in 2019


Has blogging changed much in 2019? Well YES but NO is the real answer. Somethings have indeed stayed the same. The old but gold techniques of great themes and overall blog design are still key to keeping people on your website. Other things that have stayed the same are the need to incorporate banner ads […]

Why Blogging is Important for a Business?

Business Blogging

With multiple demands on your time, it’s not surprising if you’ve had trouble committing the effort necessary to keep up your business blog. But even very small businesses can yield great results from blogging. Adjusting your priorities can make a big difference to your bottom line. Consider these ten reasons why blogging is important for […]

5 lessons to survive the struggles of blogging


Every blogger must have felt like giving up and shutting down his blog for good at least once in his blogging career. Failure is as much a part of our lives as a success. If you feel that your blog is going unnoticed by the audience or is not earning you the expected profits maybe […]