Are multi-car insurance policies a good idea?


Many families will have more than one vehicle to insure. This is where multi-car policies can prove useful. You will receive the same benefits as with a standard policy for car insurance, and also a discount for every car that is then added to that policy. It is also possible to have multi-car breakdown that […]

What are some good negotiating tips when buying a used car?

Old Mercedes Benz Car

With more than 40 million used-cars trading owners each year there’s an ocean-sized market from which to choose. The trouble with a market as vast as the ocean is that some parts of it are dangerous, some parts can sink you so deep that it’s nearly impossible to surface again and only a few are […]

How to choose the right oil filter?

Oil Filter

The oil filter plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of any automobile. While engine oil keeps the engine up and running for the longer time, the oil filter keeps the contaminants that accumulate over the time away from the engine. Similar to motor oil, the oil filter is also very important for the […]

10 highly profitable automobile business ideas

Automobile Business

If cars are your passion, then the automobile industry has a lot to offer in terms of setting up a profitable independent business enterprise. While some of these ventures may require sufficient investment and basic mechanical knowledge, most of the startups are low cost and can be started in your home itself. The primary aim […]