Improving productivity and security with IoT smart office automation

Internet of things

In this modern era, there is everyday development in terms of technology, which significantly assists users in performing tasks autonomously. One of the most sought-after technology for office and home automation now is the Internet of Things. The major objective of IoT solutions is to interconnect various smart devices so that the workflow can be […]

Transitioning your startup out of the beginning stages


The transition from your startup’s initial stages to becoming a fully scaled-up business is both exciting and petrifying. It takes courage, skill, and hard work to transform your startup into something bigger and better. All the sleepless nights and hard work have paid off, and now you’re ready to take your business to the next […]

How to make a cobblestone generator in Minecraft?


Do you know you can make an unlimited cobblestone generator in Minecraft without doing any hard work. All you need is one-one bucket of lava and water. Watch the below video about making that cobblestone generator.

Strategizing Test Automation in an Agile Project

Solid strategy planning is imperative before starting off any test automation development project. This strategy should build on top of the philosophy of an informed Agile development mindset. The team should always strive to move in an iterative, incremental approach inherently as they progress. Of course, a Test Automation strategy should be built customized to […]

Leaf technologies air launches smart home automation kit

Air: Your Smart Home

Have you ever rushed to your house suspecting that you may have accidentally kept the iron turned on? How do you deter a burglar from breaking into your house? You probably would rush to your house and manually turn off the switch in the first instance, and get a burglar alarm for the next. But […]