How to promote your apps by search keywords?

Apps by search keywords

You have certainly faced the problem of how to promote your apps. How great your product can be, it won’t bring organic traffic without marketing. There are many methods to make your apps visible to the audience. The one that we want to tell you about is the promotion by search keywords or terms. What […]

What are the best apps for small business productivity?

Best Apps

When you are running a small business, there are many roles and aspects to your job, as well as different ‘hats’ that you wear for the role. And while making more hours in the day isn’t going to be possible, there are few things that can help you to be more productive and make your […]

Top 5 mobile monetization platforms for your mobile app

Mobile Monetization

App developers often face challenges of mobile monetization platform in terms of app discoverability and user retention. An average user prefers to use regularly only 3-4 apps and usually delays anything beyond those. Organic traffic is also essential. Finding a good mobile ad platform for mobile monetization could be really tiring, so we have prepared […]