Some Effective Tips for Growing Your Style Blog on Instagram

For people who are still not aware, the fact is that blogging is now a pretty well-defined and well-acknowledged career. From food bloggers to décor, tech, fashion, and style bloggers, people are opting for creative and interesting career paths over typical 9-5 job options. In this article, we are aiming to address style bloggers who are trying to boost their Instagram following.


Instagram has become the most popular social networking site for all sorts of products and brands. It has provided the much-desired chance to individuals to come up with pictorial mini blogs. Now fashion designers are able to showcase their work and style bloggers are able to connect with the audience. Here are some tips from social media experts to style bloggers about ways of boosting your Instagram presence and following.

Content Still Rules

Content still seems to be the king. Be extra careful and choosy about whatever you are posting. Your aim is to ultimately post images that would be doing the talking for you. Remember when people are clicking on your Instagram feed, they get to see just the first nine images. Unknown people would simply not follow you if you are not posting compelling and interesting pictures. Boring content is just not welcome. You may seek professional help for gaining more followers for Instagram.

Come Up with a Theme

Your style should be reflected in your theme, so use a nice looking theme or premium one with all set of features. If you do not like bold patterns and vibrant colors, let that speak in your theme. Your theme and colors should then be more muted. That should be your distinctive style so that it keeps everything cohesive. Your style must necessarily drive your theme.  You must stay consistent because people are following you as they are fascinated by your attitude and style.

Engage & Interact with People in Your Niche

Social media is all about engaging with others and staying connected. You tend to make numerous friends in your blogging journey. You must start engaging and interacting with other style bloggers. Show your gratitude and appreciation to people who are supportive and are following you. You must thank people who bothered to comment on your photos. You could return the favor by liking their posts and leaving behind fruitful comments.

It’s All about Hashtags

If you wish to be discovered you simply need to use hashtags and more hashtags all the way. This is exactly the way many people come across accounts that they are not really following. In this context, you must know that Instagram would be allowing around 30 hashtags for every image. It is best to include all 30 of them in your post.

Enjoy the Fruits of Reposting Photos that Did Really Well

Instagram Photos

If your photo has got a phenomenal response and numerous likes and you realize that the dress you wore in that photo has actually been put up on sale, you could consider reposting the picture to let your fans and followers know about the discount sale. They could be interested in buying the dress. Many of them would be lured by the discounted price and they would make the purchase and in the process, you could gain a few more followers because of a photo that did really well once before.


Apart from following the above-discussed tips, you must remember to be authentic in your approach and always mention a price if you are highlighting an outfit. You must consider repeating what really did very well once before. You need to be really nice and polite. Good people would always enjoy the fruits of their deeds. Style bloggers need to be good and consistent in their attitude to boost engagement and gain more followers.

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