SocialOomph Review

SocialOomph Twitter Automation Tool Review

Social media is the ruler of the Internet these days, and the picture is unlikely to change in the near future. With different platforms taking over our lives, businesses have different opportunities to market to us in the most effective ways. However, the fact remains that social media management can be difficult.

Each platform has its individual needs that we must cater to. What may work on one platform may not work on the other. Also, the usage, the features, et cetera are widely varied. To help us tackle this exact problem, many experts launched social media management tools. Socialoomph is one of them.

What is SocialOomph?

Socialoomph was previously called Tweet Later because it focused mainly on Twitter automation. Slowly, it spread its wings to the other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs because of the growing need for businesses to establish themselves on not one but all popular social media platforms. Users of the tool say that if you want to improve your brand’s visibility on the web, Socialoomph is an excellent option for you.

What Are the Standout Features of SocialOomph?

SocialOomph Review

While there are many competing social media management tools on the market, users of Socialoomph have said that they prefer it because it has more features than most. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • You can send emails to users on their personal email IDs.
  • You can upload Tweets not just on your profile but also on different groups.
  • You can monitor new followers.
  • You can remove messages and Tweets/posts that are outdated.
  • You can, of course, schedule posts at specific times.
  • You can follow back followers on Twitter
  • You can track keywords – This is a feature that many business owners love.
  • URL shortener is another great feature that even giants like Hootsuite fail to provide currently.
  • You can create blog posts!
  • You can set automated direct messages that will get triggered when someone follows you.

What’s Missing in SocialOomph?

Every coin has two sides, and where there’s good, there’s also bad. Socialoomph is no different. We found that even though it has quite a few interesting features, it lacks majorly in two aspects:

  • It does not have a mobile app. It is completely web-based, and in this age of mobile phones, this is quite a bummer.
  • It does not support all the major social media platforms. Take Instagram, for example. You cannot work with Instagram if you are using Socialoomph. If you such platforms are a major part of your brand strategy, you will miss out majorly, and your work will just multiply!

Is SocialOomph Expensive?

Of course, the pricing plays a pivotal role in helping you decide which tool to go with. Socialoomph offers two plans – Free and Professional. You can always choose the free plan to get a feel of the tool before making a purchase. Quite obviously, a few major features such as unlimited accounts, scheduling wall updates, et cetera are locked in the free version.

The Professional plan is priced at $17.97.

What Do the Reviews Look Like?

If Twitter is predominantly what you work with, you will simply love Socialoomph. If you are looking at more variety, though, you may want to look at other options as well.

Also, while it is quite easy to use on the desktop, the lack of a mobile app has proven to be a hindrance.

Let’s Compare – SocialOomph vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the industry leader and a very tough Socialoomph competitor. If you are confused between the two, this comparison will help you make the right choice:

  • Based on the Platforms: While you can use standard platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn through both tools, Hootsuite gives you more options such as Google Plus.
  • Based on the Analytics: Analyzing the performance of our posts is crucial because it helps us understand the market and tweak our posts/strategy accordingly. While both platforms offer in-depth analytics, we have realized that Socialoomph wins this one. It is more detailed than Hootsuite.
  • Based on the Notifications: Hootsuite is mainly a social media scheduling tool that also gives you features such as analytics and measuring ROI. Socialoomph, on the other hand, keeps you updated when you are mentioned or when your post is Retweeted. This is a beautiful way to keep track of what’s happening online.
  • Based on the Automation: We spoke about how Socialoomph lets us send direct messages to our followers, right? Hootsuite does not come with this capability.
  • Based on the Pricing: While both have a trial and free plans, the paid Hootsuite plan is slightly more expensive at $19 per month. Socialoomph Professional is priced at $17.97 and if you want only Twitter Unlimited, you can access it at $6.97.


Zoho Social, Wrike, Sprout Social, Buffer, TweetDeck, and Tweepi are a few of the other competitors that you may come across during your research. We have found that Socialoomph quite easily takes over all of them in various ways.

That said, we would like to enunciate that Socialoomph is the best choice for you if Twitter is your primary social media platform and if your brand strategy mainly revolves around Twitter. If you want to focus heavily on other platforms as well, we urge you to take a look at Hootsuite and other tools, compare them based on what you want to get out of your automation tool and then take a call.

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