Sine Wave vs. Square Wave Inverter and which one is better?

Just looking for a decent inverter for electricity backups. You need to understand what kind of inverters are available in the market. Usually, you’ll find Sine wave and Square Wave inverter.

You can see below the image as in reference to how sine and square wave looks like. The sine wave is very similar to alternate current while Square wave is just mimicking the current waves but in the direct current style. But both the inverters can run appliances that run on alternate current.

Sine wave vs. Square wave
Sine wave vs. Square wave

Sine wave inverters are recommended for household use because it is capable of smoothly running sensitive home appliances like television, refrigerator, computers, and laptops. On the other hand, Square wave inverters are a less reliable but cheaper option for users and only useful for motors.

Let’s compare both kind of inverters side by side…

FeaturesSine Wave InverterSquare Wave Inverter
Supported AppliancesSine wave inverters are used to support household appliances such as refrigerators ovens, computers, laptops, etc.Sine wave inverters are only useful for motor or non-sensitive appliances.
Noise InterferenceSine wave inverters make normal sound when used. It is negligible can’t be noticed.Square wave inverters make loud noise when used. You may hear buzzing sound.
SafetySine wave inverters are reliable and highly safe to use.Square wave inverters are less reliable and unsafe to use for sensitive appliances.
CostSine wave inverters are costly compared to square wave but affordable these days.Square wave inverters are relatively cheaper than sine wave inverters.

Some inverters like “modified sine wave inverter” which is comparatively cheaper to a sine wave one, but they are not reliable for sensitive devices for the long run.

Pure sine wave inverters are the better one but cost is relatively high. It is only recommended if you are planning to use it like an UPS for computers and similar sensitive appliances.

For any use sine wave inverters are highly safe option.

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2 thoughts on "Sine Wave vs. Square Wave Inverter and which one is better?"

  1. Useful information. I am just planning to buy an inverter and after reading this article things are much clear to me. My current inverter is a square wave inverter and never knew this before just got to know this today and I used to think that those mobile chargers and LED bulbs are of low quality because they never last more than a year on it.

    • Glad to know that this article helped you in some way.

      I strongly recommend getting a sine wave inverters for home use. Square wave inverters are not reliable for modern-day appliances in the long run.

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