Shared vs Virtual Private vs Dedicated Servers

Web hosting is now much famous concept as new entrepreneurs and startups are showing more interest in web based services. Almost every tech business requires a kind of web hosting solution to centralize their activities or to host their websites.

Either you do blogging or host a commercial web sites, a good web hosting solution is needed to make everything run smoothly. Here in this post we will discuss various types of servers and how they work and when they should be used based on various real life scenarios we face.

Basically, there are three major kind servers as:

  1. Shared Servers
  2. Virtual Private Servers (Also known as VPS)
  3. Dedicated Servers

However, there are other kinds of hosting services like cloud hosting which is a totally different concept which we cover later in our upcoming posts. As of now lets understand these three types.

1. Shared Servers

Shared servers are like sharing a dedicated server’s resources with similar users like you. The web hosting company manages this tactfully so that no one can exploit the resources in any way.

If one tries to over use the available resource for more than suggested resource then virtualization settings automatically throttle or suspend the service for limited time.

In common man’s term it is similar to sharing a common room with friends. Where you all live together and share the resources, yet manages everything on your dedicated corner or side.

Due to heavy cost of Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers it is not worth to host small projects like applications or a new blogs on Dedicated or Virtual Private server.

So if you are newbie and just building a new website for testing or starting a new blog then shared servers would be good standing platform as they cost less and offers more.

2. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers are those servers where you are provided dedicated resources which are dedicated to you only either you consume it or not fully. As per your selected plan, you will be provided a Virtual Private Server in short VPS.

Still VPS is shared with peers, but your peers activities do not affect the performance of your server and you will always be safe with dedicated resources.

It happens something like that, where a powerful server is shared with few peer clients (not like shared server where hundreds of peer exist) with dedicated hardware resources.

Still you share the internet connection with your peers. It is not the big deal because hosting companies use powerful fiber connections which have a great capacity for transferring over hundreds of GB(GiggaByte) or TB (TerraByte) of data in seconds.

In simple, it is like that where you live in an apartment or room where you share building with other neighbors. Various bloggers and eCommerce website do its work here when they have a sustained business. If you are planning for something big but small today then it is good to start from VPS.

3. Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Server is the ultimate server where nothing is divided or nothing is shared all you have a complete access to your dedicated server. There are no peer clients are involved in it.

If your project is not sufficient to current servers like Virtual Private Server then Dedicated Server is the last option that we can use.

Big companies are using Dedicated Servers only because their tasks is so huge that they need a continuous running up servers.

It is like a Bungalow where whole place is just yours and no one else is allowed to share your resources.

Dedicated Servers enjoys ultimate power of processing things fast and it is used when you are in big business where hundreds and thousand of clients are working online.

These are about web hosting server and its type, but this is not the end because there are still so many things after dedicated server which is still used.

F. A. Q.

Que. What kind of servers is company like Google and Facebook using?

Ans. Google and Facebook are not the small things to consider they are dealing with billions of data every second. That is why they are using whole datacenter itself, but still they are not limited to it they are also using CDN (Content Delivery / Distribution Network) all around the world. They cached their main datacenter to their all sub-datacenters available around the glob. Here each sub-datacenters works especially for a country or state when there is a huge use of their services.

Que. Are Shared and Virtual Private Servers are same; as they are shared?

Ans. No, both are different as Shared Server shares its all hardware resources whereas a Virtual Private Server does not except a powerful internet connection.

Que. Anything just next to Dedicated Server; if I do not want to host servers myself.

Ans. Yes, if your site is required more resources than current dedicated server then you can communicate with your hosting provider and ask them for dedicated load balancing servers especially for you. And you will be provided the same if your web hosting company allows to host a custom hardware need. It will be like that having more than one dedicated server working for you only.

If you have any doubt regarding to this post and wanted to raise any new or different questions feel free to comment below.

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