4 Reasons Why You Should Empower People to Lead the Change

— Published on: November 18th, 2018

I believe that the key to success of any company is the empowerment of the people.

This post will tell you four reasons why you should empower people.

I work with software development. I lead team that develops tools, automation and ways to implement and release software more rapidly.

Last weeks I have pitched about gamification. I have developed way to speed up the work through gamification. The game empowers people and moves responsibility from the managers to the people who are doing the work.

Empower People
Empower People

Response to my idea has been awesome and almost all so far have been happy that someone trusts to their employees.

Few days back I did keep presentation and after the presentation one of the software architects said that the presentation and topics are so good that the presentation almost made him cry. Wow.

Why You Should Empower People?

  1. Empowering is the only way to establish proudness in work. Old age craftsmanship is disappearing. Shoemakers and tailors are known and respected for their skills and they are proud of what they do and can do. That craftsmanship attitude is vanishing from modern work and it is sad. Because establishing the proudness is the only way to have the best service and best quality.
  2. Trust makes people to try their best. Trust makes people to take the responsibility. Trust and empowerment makes them to try their best. You don’t want to fail the trust.
  3. Empowerment makes people to think. Empowerment makes people to think, because they have nobody who would think for them.
  4. Empowerment allows people to fail. Failure is the best way to learn. Modern organization empowers people and allows them to learn.
  5. Empowerment gives space and room for organizational heroes. That’s it. Give freedom to the ones that make things happen.

If your organization is not able to take the responsibility and ready to be empowered you have failed already long before.

Your recruitment has failed and you have hired wrong kind of people.

It is time to define your culture and start fixing your mistakes.

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