Do batteries last longer in Series or Parallel?

150 Ah Solar Battery

Although, batteries connected in Series versus Parallel will offer roughly the same amount of runtime. It often noticed that series connections provide a higher voltage, which is slightly more efficient for home uses. This simply means that batteries wired in series can last marginally longer than batteries wired in parallel. But a parallel connected battery […]

Gadgets and apps that can help keep your kids safe


It is a dangerous world out there. As every parent knows, we never know what lurks around every corner of the cyberbully on your child’s laptop. And it may not be possible to know everything, but we also don’t want our kids to be too scared to go out in the world. So what can […]

How to block bad bots?

Bad bots

Overview: What are bots? Bots are just software programs that do repetitive, predefined, and automated tasks online. Generally, bots imitate human activity online. They were invented to perform tedious and repetitive tasks online to free humans from such tasks, for instance chatbot. However, over the decades, they have evolved to do more harm than good. […]

How to ensure family’s financial freedom?

Financial freedom

If you’re wondering how a term life insurance policy allows you to wave through the pandemic, have a look at its key points.

Are multi-car insurance policies a good idea?


Many families will have more than one vehicle to insure. This is where multi-car policies can prove useful. You will receive the same benefits as with a standard policy for car insurance, and also a discount for every car that is then added to that policy. It is also possible to have multi-car breakdown that […]