Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Multimedia Presentations

It is without a doubt that many students want their teachers to incorporate technology into their daily teaching activities. Unfortunately, these teachers are always busy prepping students for tests, meeting standards, and some are not knowledgeable enough about the use of computers. This essay is going to shade light on some of the easy ways […]

Prepare for IIT JEE Faster? Tips to Crack JEE Mains and JEE Advanced


When prepares for the JEE Main 2016, one becomes acutely aware of the time that is slipping through your fingers. No amount of time is sufficient to face one of the most highly coveted undergraduate entrance exams in the country. There is JEE Mains Syllabus to be covered, referring to the latest JEE Advanced announcements […]

Indian Flag Images HD Wallpapers

Beautiful Indian Flag HD Wallpaper

Indian Flag wallpapers and images are the most shared wallpapers on the eve of Republic Day and the Independence Day which is celebrated with national spirit and patriotism. The Indian Flag is designed in the form of horizontal Tri-Colour with Ashok Chakra in the middle. The Indian Flag has the combination of Saffron, white and […]

Tools for Simulating DDoS Attacks

Simulating DDoS Attacks

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Simulating DDoS attack is regarded as a meticulous attempt for making a network or a server resource unavailable for target users by temporarily suspending or interrupting the services of a host interlinked to the internet. When it comes to Denial of Service attack, one computer as well as one internet connection […]

What Are DoS and DDoS Attacks? What Are Protection Possibilities?

Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Cyberattacks have turned out to be more common, with data infringes on top-rated organizations and businesses, making regular news on a daily basis. DoS threats exist in different forms, with few targeting the primary server infrastructure directly, whereas others take advantage of vulnerabilities in communication protocols and applications. The Distributed Denial of Service Attack is […]

Laptop Buying Guide: How to Buy Right Laptop?

Laptop Buying Guide

Buying a laptop can be a difficult thing to do. With so many brands, offers, and specifications it a challenge to choose one. Most of us simply settle for something someone at your local store recommends you. Ask for suggestions and recommendations from your friends, family, and relatives when buying some new gadgets. You can […]