Nuvolat Cloud Group Review

At Nuvolat, they bring you the NuvoCloud, which provides you with all the technology elements, hosting services, 24/7 management, business process automation & monitoring, delivering a pre-fabricated, pre-configured hosted private cloud and public cloud infrastructure without efforts.

Nuvolat Cloud Group

Nuvolat Cloud Group: Enterprise Cloud Review

NuvoCloud starts with an affordable investment, enabling you to focus on acquiring clients for an immediate ROI while Nuvolat takes care of the technology complexities at the backend and keeps your cloud up and running. Followings are the key advantages of Nuvolat.

Deliver Your Own Branded Cloud Offering

NuvoCloud enables you to transform your business and adapt to fast changing markets with a fully flexible enterprise cloud offering that dMSPlays your own branding and information along with optional services of your choice to your customers.

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Work Cost effective

Build your offering and decide upfront on a complete outright purchase CAPEX model or go for OPEX with comprehensive affordable monthly payments. Both approaches are low-risk routes into a multi-billion dollar market: your market!

Reduce Complexity by Using the Nuvolat Global Management Console

The pre-hosted Global Management Console (GMC) provides a complete self-service provisioning of virtual workloads along with all business process automation. The GMC is delivered fully white-labeled and serves the purpose of your own multi-tier channel Cloud operator portal.

Back-End Brilliance

NuvoCloud is powered by the Nuvolat vRun platform using industry standard hypervisors with incredible flash acceleration built on VMware vSphere or KVM hypervisor and Flash accelerator. All hosted within US based SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 datacenter.

Inbuilt Backup and DR

Backup and DR is an integral component of NuvoCloud, inbuilt features like Snapshots, cloning, rollback, sandbox mode virtualization and native block level inter-cluster replication ensures that you have every possible door open to get your data back in case of disaster.

Dedicated Virtualization Infrastructure

  • Dedicated Compute Node purchased or rented by you, fully loaded and licensed with the extremely powerful vRun software.
  • Hosted at Nuvolat Datacenter

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Comprehensive Solution in addition to Appliance

  • Data encrypted and stored on highly redundant storage cluster
  • Comprehensive Hosting Services (co-location and remote hands)
  • 24×7 comprehensive support & maintenance including hardware replacement
  • Virtual Private Datacenter (LAN in the Cloud)
  • Dedicated Firewall and Load Balancer
  • Dedicated vLAN for your customers

Business Model On-Boarding with Nuvolat

  • Detailed Pricing, Cost and Revenue breakup with Profit Analysis
  • Comprehensive Product Comparison and Marketing Collateral

Leasing Assistance

You can choose to self-finance your equipment or work with one of our selected leasing partners. Our partners work with you directly, providing you the best possible rates in a confidential manner.

Comprehensive Cloud Business Builder Program

At Nuvolat they go the extra mile! They have a well-oiled marketing machine that creates all the marketing materials you need. Tailored to your brand and your requirements. Everything included! They even go as far as making a product website for you. They advise you on the actual productizing, pricing and positioning of your offer. If you want, they even set up a complete marketing plan and reel in real customers for your offering.

Free Cloud Migration of Your Customer Workloads

With the Nuvolat Support Team behind the scenes, your customers can rest assured. Migrating any of their workloads is easy, fast and secure. The Nuvolat team will handle any migration on behalf of you.

24×7 Bundled Infrastructure Support and Monitoring

They stay behind the curtains yet making sure that your cloud infrastructure is available 24×7 to your customers. Our specialized team of infrastructure support and AppStack team works closely with DevOps and engineering to make sure reliability and availability of your cloud environment. All this part of our comprehensive channel program.


Nuvolat offers white labeled, enterprise Class cloud infrastructure that you can put your name on and reap upwards of 70% margins. Based on Nuvolat’s robust, scalable and secure Cloud technology, you can spin your first virtual machine in no time. Equipped with multiple redundant bandwidth and power options, Centrilogic makes it a perfect hosting provider for your private or public shared environment.

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