Minecraft Villager Jobs: A Complete Guide to Villager’s Profession

In Minecraft, you can assign villagers to work for you and your village if you make one. All you need to do is assign the villagers variety of available role professions like – armorer, farmer, librarian, etc.

Minecraft Villagers and Their Professions
Minecraft Villagers and Their Professions

How many villager jobs are there in Minecraft?

According to my experience I know 13 jobs are there in Minecraft. You can assign villagers a job role or profession with the help of workstations available in the Minecraft.

How to assign a job to a villager in Minecraft?

You can assign villager’s a profession using a workstation block either inside their house (looks cool) or in strategically controlled blocks. There are many workstation blocks for different roles, here is a list of all the villager’s professions corresponding to the required workstation block.

Villager’s ProfessionsWorkstation Blocks
ArmorerBlast Furnace
CartographerCartography Table
ClericBrewing Stand
FletcherFletching Table
ToolsmithSmithing Table

How to change villager jobs in Minecraft?

It is simple, all you need to do it break the existing workstation block and change with a new one. Let’s say there is a villager whose profession is Farmer and you want that villager to change into Fisherman, simply change Composter block to Barrel block.

It’s all on Workstation block that changes the job or profession of the villager.

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