How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Certifications Exam?

Microsoft is an IT giant of the modern world. Millions of people in different countries use the software developed by this company.

To continue to provide high-level services, Microsoft also offers certifications for IT professionals.

Microsoft certifications are of different levels (MTA, MCSA, MCSD, MCSE) and categories (from data, mobility to app builder and cloud).

One of the most leading and the newest one is the cloud category, which proves that candidates are experienced in cloud-related technologies-the most rapidly developing sphere.

MCSA: Cloud Platform Certification

One of the in-demand certification is MCSA: Cloud Platform, which testifies candidate’s skills to work with Azure Platform – a popular public cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft which possesses unlimited possibilities and is used for various purposes.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Thus, Azure is used to provide such services as storage, networking, virtual computing, analytics as well as for building applications.

Since Microsoft Azure is so popular and allows candidates to get the position of cloud administrator, most candidates strive to be Microsoft certified to validate their skills and boost their career.

For that, they should gain MCSA Cloud Platform credential and need to sit two exams out of the three available: 70-533, 70-535 and 70-532.

We’ll cover all exams so that you can choose which to pass. So, let’s start.

Microsoft Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

70-533 Exam Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions measures the candidate’s ability to implement Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions. It is intended for people who have experience in implementing and monitoring hybrid and cloud solutions and supporting management of application lifecycle.

If you choose to take this exam you should be proficient in major types of services available in Azure. In addition, you should be able to use Azure identity services and how to design and deploy Azure network capabilities and infrastructure storage. To take 70-533 exam, you need to be knowledgeable about the basics of OS along with other technologies.

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Microsoft Exam 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

70-535 Exam Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions has been designed for those candidates, whose aim is to be cloud architects.

To pass this exam you need to be skillful with cloud migration, hybrid cloud solutions, possess skills to provide the whole solution lifecycle. You should be proficient with all the capabilities of Azure services and have a profound understanding of how these services function and work on Azure.

After completing this exam you will be able to design compute infrastructure, data implementation, and security solutions.

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Still, this article is focused on 70-532 exam and provides the main details of how to pass it successfully. Sill let’s find out which else one you can choose to pass.

Microsoft Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft 70-532 exam, or Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, is a professional test, which evaluates your development skills. It is designed for the IT professionals who work on advanced platforms with the latest Azure solutions. The exam can lead to MCSA, MCSE, MCSD, and MCP certifications.

The test comes with quite normal requirements for the candidates.

The first prerequisite is that the individual should come with the excitement of passing the test for helping Cloud to grow on advanced levels.

The second requirement states that the student should have the knowledge regarding at least one of the development languages that support like PHP, Node.js, .NET, etc.

The Microsoft 70-532 exam is an important step for the developers who want to boost their career in the field of IT. The test covers all the essential concepts and requirements for Microsoft Azure and its development.

For the candidates who lack experience, 70-532 test is a perfect exam to begin with as it gives an idea of every skill required for the professional developer. The exam topics are also based on the advanced expert thinking that will help an individual in his/her work now and in the future.

The exam covers all the topics that are important for the career of any developer working with Cloud and building native solutions regarding Azure.

If you choose to sit for 70-532 exam, you should understand the configuration of the virtual machines along with their deployment, as well as choose one of the technologies for data storing among the various available.

In addition, you must also be familiar with the following areas: identification of the solutions based on Directory of Azure Active and messaging with Cloud-scale solutions like Event Hubs, Service Bus, etc.

70-532 exam comes with a focus on the areas, such as:

  • Management and creation of Virtual Machines based on ARM
  • Implementation and designing of data strategy and storage strategy
  • Application, network services, and management identity
  • Implementation and designing of Azure-based PaaS compute, mobile services, and web services

All these areas along with your practical experience in creating software related to Azure give a strong foundation for working in the development field.

The Microsoft certification exam gives the professional an opportunity to work with the following concepts:

  • Implementation and designing of Web Apps
  • Management and creation of Virtual Machines
  • Implementation and designing of Cloud Services
  • Implementation and designing of Storage Strategy
  • Management application and other Network Services related to Azure

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Exam Details

Similar to other exams offered by Microsoft, 70-532 test also requires prior registration and completion of training before sitting for the exam.

The candidates need to get registered with Microsoft Azure through Pearson Vue and create their student profile on the site. After the completion of the registration, the individual can carry out the training sessions, the practical sessions, and various practice tests.

The exam details include:

  • The exam comes with around 40-60 questions.
  • The questions are based on the multiple-choice format.
  • The time period for completing the questions is around 120-150 minutes.
  • Available languages for the test are English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), German, French, and Portuguese.

70-532 exam targets an audience that includes:

  • Developers of any field that have the basic knowledge related to Azure
  • People who are willing to clear the Azure Microsoft 70-532 exam for new professional career opportunities
  • Candidates interested in working on elements like programming, designing, monitoring, implementing, and automating solutions based on Microsoft Azure
  • People interested in the professional experience in using the approaches, techniques, and development tools for building reliable and scalable solutions

How to Prepare for 70-532 Exam

Though there are various books and references, the widely adopted concept for the exam preparation includes video courses. This kind of preparation material has helped various people in obtaining the label of a certified professional by studying at their own comfortable time.

The online course comes with a duration of 90 days after which the candidate can appear for the test. The course also comes with a doubt solving option where the expert teachers help you in completing the studies well. Along with the studies, it also provides an opportunity to take practice tests, which will help you to prepare for the exams properly.

The video courses are designed by the experts in the field. This course can help you not only in getting the required knowledge, but also in developing required skills for the certification.

With the 24×7 assistance from teachers, the video learning has become trendier for those who want to pass the certification exam. To be prepared more efficiency, along with books, online and video courses, use valid exam dumps, that are of great help to revise the material.

For that, find the most reliable websites on the internet that offer the updated questions and answers.

Some of the popular resources for this test include:

  • The process of Deploying Website based on Azure
  • Getting started with Web jobs based on Azure SDK
  • Cloud designing patterns
  • The process of monitoring Cloud Services
  • The process of looking for a Storage account
  • Graph API regarding Azure AD
  • The configuration of SSL for Azure application
  • Windows Azure SDK regarding .NET 2.2
  • Shared Signature Access for understanding the SAS Model
  • Load Balancing regarding Azure services of Infrastructure

Career Pathway

  • Azure Solutions Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Developer
  • Microsoft Azure Big Data Analytics
  • Network Administrator

If you pass the exam and get the certification, your salary will be in the approximate range of $94,921 to $119,128 per year. The latest tests provided by Microsoft are truly a boost to the IT professionals for gaining high-paid jobs in the future.

How to Get More Skills Related to Microsoft Azure?

The completing all three exams listed in the article (70-532, 70-533 and 70-535) lifts you to a new career level, to be more exact, you get a more significant credential of the expert level – MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Solutions Expert.

This credential proves that you have enough skills to operate modern data center and are experienced in working with cloud technologies, systems management, virtualization and networking. Don’t wait! Hurry up to become a top cloud administrator or cloud architect being experienced with Azure platform!


To make a successful career one should be definitely certified, especially when one sets the goal to work with Microsoft Azure.

To gain the related skills, simply pass two exams and get MCSA Cloud Platform credential. One of which is 70-532. Note, that if you choose to pass 70-532 exam, it will bring you to a state where you can easily carry out every required aspect of Microsoft Development on the expert level.

Simply be well-prepared and you eventually will become MCSE Cloud Platform certified. Set the goal and move toward it.

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