Is 100 Mbps Internet Enough for a Server Rack?

In the web hosting world having a faster internet connection is necessary. You shouldn’t be miser here because you’ll bottleneck everything here.

For most of us, 100 Mb/s internet connection is fine, enough to host small blogs, websites, or any other non-internet intensive web project.

100 Mb/s

But Gigabit internet is a commodity today, at least for web hosting companies.

If your hosting company does not offer a Gigabit internet then a 100 Mb/s connection is enough to handle the majority of workloads, but it is slow.

Unless and until you are going to get a massive hit on the front page of Reddit, or becoming viral 100 Mb/s is enough to handle small network load.

But note that, for a server rack even Gigabit is slow, it is a minimum standard, many reputed web hosting companies are already offering 10 to 40 Gigabit connectivity. So having a faster connection shouldn’t be an issue.

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    After going through this post I learned a lot and pretty sure this post will definitely going to help many of newbies. A well explained post. Thanks and do keep sharing more similar and informative posts.

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