iPhone SE Price in India and Launch Date Revealed

At its Media conference in Cupertino, San Francisco, Apple unveiled the iPhone SE, it’s one of the cheapest iPhone model to the date. The starting price of iPhone SE is expected to be somewhere around Rs. 30,000 INR¬†Rs. 39,000 INR, and Apple also said that iPhone SE will be available to order on March 24 and go on sale on March 31.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE packed with a 4-inch display and comes in two storage options as 16GB and 64GB. It has the similar features and specifications as the iPhone 6s, which Apple launched last year. Apple also unveiled that the new accessories such as leather cases in black and midnight blue, which will be available at Rs. 2,900 INR. The Lightning Docks will be available at Rs. 3,700 INR.

The new Apple smartphone is meant to address both the demand for a smaller screen iPhone, as well as the demand for a cheap iPhone. The Apple iPhone SE features and specs are similar to the iPhone 6s, but comes with a design and form factor that’s reminiscent of the iPhone 5s; the company’s last 4 inch iPhone.

Looking almost identical to the iPhone 5s, the iPhone SE comes with the same colour variants introduced with the iPhone 6s including Rose Gold. It also features more rounded edges on the top and bottom panels, more like the iPhone 6 than the iPhone 5s.

So, if you are looking for the perfect smartphone with leading brand then iPhone SE is something you should look once.

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