5 Ideas to Improve Your Home Theatre Experience

Home Theatre

We all spend much time in front of our TVs and home theatre systems. After spending a hefty amount on their state-of-the-art technology, we make blunders of never really pushing them to their full potential. And they cost a fortune! Even if you are a casual viewer, there’s a lot that you can do to improve different aspects of your home theatre.

Home Theatre

From dressing up your living room to enhancing your seating experience and upgrading your internet, a lot can be done to pump a new life in your home theatre.

Here are few tips to follow if you wish to give your home theatre a new life!

Adjust Your Lighting

You can enhance the look of your living room by giving it the ambience of a theatre. Furthermore, you can also use lighting controls to dim the lights and dramatically improve the ‘feel’ of the place. Darkening the room will make watching movies more enjoyable.

Buy a Super-Fast Broadband

Yes! It’s the day and age of smart TVs, 4K videos and streaming. With a super-fast internet plan, you will be able to stream movies, music and TV shows without any buffering issues. If you have spent a fortune on your 4K TV and you are not pushing it to its limits, then it’s time you bought a faster internet plan. Get a plan from an internet service provider that offers incredible speeds so that you can stream videos in 4K. ACT Fibernet, for instance, offers internet speeds of 1 Gbps which makes it the best internet service provider in Coimbatore, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities. Furthermore, with ACT Fibernet, you will also get access to tons of value-added services to stream your favourite movies, music, and TV shows.

Triangulate Your Seating

Seating makes a stark difference in how you perceive a video or a piece of music. In case you frequently go to concerts or movies you would have noticed that certain spots have a fuller audio reception. For your home setup, you can triangulate your seating, i.e. create an equilateral triangle. Set up your right and left-channel speakers at an equal distance from each other, and make sure your seat is centered and at an equal distance from the speakers. This will create a stereo effect and avoid any delay in the sound waves.

Pair with a Subwoofer

If you have a subwoofer, placing it correctly can add oodles of depth to the sound and enhance your audio-video experience. Move it around the area and check where its placement has the best sound reception. Even-out its sound around the seating area to create the best experience.

Upgrade Your Essentials

If you still haven’t upgraded to a Smart TV, maybe it’s time to give your living room an overhaul. With a smart TV, you will be able to connect to the internet, stream movies on your favourite value-added services, connect to YouTube and more. It’s a worthy upgrade to your existing home theatre that will change your audio-video experience. Furthermore, you can buy a new recliner and get more comfortable while binge-watching your favourite tv shows. Adding an accent wall where your television is placed can further add to the aesthetics of your living room.

The tips mentioned above are worth inculcating if you are looking forward to giving a new life to your home theatre. If audio-video is your priority and you spend a lot of time watching movies, or streaming media content, then definitely consider upgrading to a better internet service provider. After all, there is nothing worse than streaming low-quality videos on a 4K television!

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