Dell vs HP Laptops: Which is the Best Laptop Brand?

This time in tech updates I’m going to update 2 biggest laptop manufacturer which are Dell and HP, based on user’s request I have written an in-depth review on Dell vs HP laptops and compared which is the best laptop brand in between them.

First of all brand name is really nothing except a sticker affixed to the product. Selecting a better laptop from these two HP and Dell laptops is really very difficult for a customer. The customer must take care that what they are going to purchase and what is its specification, price, durability, maintenance etc.

HP and Dell are two names which are very popular and undoubtedly count in some of the best laptop brands on the market.

If you’ve gone shopping for a laptop in the last, decade, you’ve undoubtedly run into two manufacturers, either Dell or Hewlett-Packard. They are obviously omnipresent in any small town of the country.

Both are the excellent laptops manufacturers. In some cases, both manufacturers make market leading devices, therefore is very difficult to choose between both of them.

Dell and HP both are known for the best brands in the world when it comes to laptops. They provide a great value for what you spend to buy a computer. So it is difficult to determine the best laptop brand from these two. Making a decision based on the following criteria will help you to decide the best laptop that suits your needs. Further it also depends on the customer pocket and specifications that meet to their unique needs.

Best HP vs Dell Laptops in the Market

HP Spectre

HP SpectreThis is design and technology taken to a whole new level. Artisan materials and striking craftsmanship create an experience unlike anything else. With a uniquely stunning design 10.4mm thin combined with impressive performance with Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 Processor, this luxurious laptop is completely irresistible.

  • 6th Generation Intel® Core i7-6500U (2.5 GHz, up to 3.1 GHz, 4 MB cache), Windows 10 Home
  • 13.3″ diagonal FHD IPS UWVA BrightView Corning® Gorilla® Glass WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) non-touch, Bang & Olufsen Quad speakers
  • 8 GB LPDDR3-1866 SDRAM, 256 GB PCIe® NVMe™ M.2 SSD, HP Imagepad with multi-touch gesture support
  • 802.11ac (2×2) and Bluetooth® 4.0 combo, HP TrueVision HD Webcam (front-facing) with integrated dual array digital microphone; 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C™, HP USB Boost, Thunderbolt); 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C™, HP USB Boost); 1 headphone/microphone combo

Dell XPS

Dell XPSDell XPS laptops deliver a smooth user experience to business professionals with their ultra-portable, versatile and innovative flip-hinge design. Dell always do best in business as well as consumer segment but with Dell XPS they brought a hybrid system which is perfect for all kind of user.

  • 5th Generation Intel® Core i5 5200U (2.2 GHz, up to 2.7GHz, 3 MB cache), Windows 10 Home
  • 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L-RS 1600Mhz
  • 256 GB SSD Storage; No Optical Drive
  • 13.3 Inch WQXGA+ (3200×1800) LED-lit Infinity Touchscreen
  • Biometrics: FastAccess Facial Recognition, Silver Chassis

Specification and Performance

No doubt, Hewlett-Packard will be considered as a king if we concern about features and performance of a laptop. These laptops are designed keeping the fact in mind that it is an entertainment oriented device with lots of features. But, Dell laptops have still more to improve in many aspects to get its popularity. Except this there is no major difference in performance of these two brands.

Appearance and Hardware

The customer has a list of choices in Dell laptops because it provides specific models and designs. Dell laptops are available in different colors with eye catching impact, while HP laptops have fewer design choices and colors, with grey or black the only available color choices.

There is a noticeable difference between Dell and HP laptops. It is their appearance. Dell laptops seem to have a standard look while HP has a polished appearance. That’s why many people think that HP has more attractive laptops than Dell.

These days these laptops are available with latest and higher specification or configuration. Intel i3 i5,  i7 processor laptops which provide 500GB to 1TB hard disk capacity. The internal memory RAM can be ranged from 2GB to 6GB or more. These are the costlier laptops in comparison to  Core processor Laptops. When it comes to components there is not much difference since they are built by contractors. Their motherboards are produced by Mitac, Foxconn, ECS, Asus etc., and hard drives are produced by Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, etc.

Customer Service & Warranty

It is the most important point to notice before buying a laptop is the customer service and warranty. Really, Dell is the winner in this case. Dell is very popular among their customers for their excellent customer service and warranty options. Their website is also very user-friendly.

HP also provides better services and support through its website but it is a little lesser in comparison to  Dell in this concern. Both the manufacturers provide accident coverage but Dell has a more proven record.


Price is the main factor if you go to purchase any such laptops. Basically, the price hikes according to its hardware specifications. Many people buy Dell and HP laptops rather than other brands. The price is certainly one of the biggest reasons for that. Dell has been able to sell their computers at a relatively low price in comparison to HP. They avoid selling through retailers and pass those savings to their customers. HP uses both methods to sell their laptops. Therefore their prices may be slightly higher than the same configurations of Dell. Dell computer starts with a range from Rs. 24000/-  to Rs. 65000/- or more depends on your hardware specification. The same configuration HP Laptops will have a little higher price.

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Final Verdict

HP doesn’t have the standard gaming line-up that Dell has in the Alienware brand. Alienware may not be the only gaming system on the market, but the Alienware leads the gaming category.

Both Dell and HP have best laptops on the market. It’s difficult to take a good decision based on other factors. So if you are comfortable spending more to have a warranty option, consider a Dell laptop over HP, because of their excellent customer service.

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35 replies on “Dell vs HP Laptops: Which is the Best Laptop Brand?”

From last twelve years, I used 4 – 3 Dell and HP laptops respectively, as per my experience HP is better.

According to my life experience HP is way better than Dell. Where I live, HP service centre is near to me and performance vice they build really snappy laptops for budget users.

I like Dell because my brother had a HP and it lags and freezes a lot. I can’t really play game even if I get an HP PC somebody said they had the HP All-in-One and its freezes too.

Thanks Jason for sharing your feedback. However, I would like to add few lines about HP laptops. HP’s main key strengths are a wide selection of models, sexy design and solid tech support. The weaknesses are no or limited high-end laptops, sometimes average battery life and bland business laptops. Dell follows the business side moreover consumer side.

My vote is fore “Dell”, though “HP” is also a better brand with its hardware. But for design, stability and performance wise Dell is little ahead than “HP”. If you want to buy a business laptop of HP brand, I will personally recommend for Pavilion series and for Dell nothing is better than Inspiron and Vostro series.

I have used both laptop the lags is up to your specs if you have lower budget then buy Dell otherwise buy HP. HP is way better then Dell; their customer support their hardware specs are awesome. But if you are going buy the laptop only for gaming then buy Dell Alienware but remember its use is only for gaming and at last my vote is to HP.

Hi, My Toshiba laptop finally died after 8 yrs. Now my problem is I can’t decide between Dell Inspiron 17.3″ or HP Spectre 15.6″. Any honest suggestions?

HP Spectre 15.6″ is way better than Dell Inspiron 17.3″. Go for HP one because it has looks as well as latest rigs to perform well.

I am really confused to buy HP AY513TX or HP AY511TX because of their availability of DOS and Windows respectively. What should I prefer? DOS or Windows?

It is your choice, DOS is basically Linux (Ubuntu OS) and Windows is what most users use today.

If what you need very limited, like opening office programs and basic internet uses then DOS is a better option. But Windows comes in the field once your users are more than a basic user. Personally, I would recommend you to choose Windows based if you are not geeky enough with Linux commands.

Can any one suggest me a proper nice laptop? My wants are…

1) I want to do gaming not much but little bit
2) I want to do Photoshop also not much but little bit
3) I want to go for a normal laptop updated one I want rough and tough laptop

Can any one ?

There are many brands and models for you. But I would recommend you these two.

1. Dell XPS 13 or Dell XPS 9350-1340SLV
2. ASUS ZenBook UX330UA

In terms of battery life and life span, which laptop is better between HP and Dell for a college student? Other suggestions are also allowed outside of Dell and HP.

Sir I want to do these works on laptop

Video editing for youtube
Application building
Websites building

Which will perfect laptop for me

In Dell and hp

Can I done these all in i3 processer laptop

Please help me

Please advice. I want to get a new laptop, I am a network security engineer and I do a lot of virtualization, programming, and intensive CPU tasks. Should I go for Dell or HP or Apple? Please help.

Better you go with Dell system as they have many models with high-end specs and a wide variety of laptops exists, HP is less superior in the business industry. Apple systems are only useful if your entire system is running on Mac ecosystem.

Hello Atul, I would like to ask which one should I choose, Dell Inspiron 14 7460 (Core i5-7200U) or HP Pavilion 14 Bf004tx (Core i5-7200U). The Difference is HP has more slot than Dell (USB Type-C).

Hello Atul, Thanks for reviewing this best laptop brands list, which is useful for everyone. I just need one advise. I need to buy 2 in 1 tablet based windows laptop, I’m confused between HP Spectre X2 and Dell latitude 5285 and Lenovo Miix 720. All are with the same price and near specifications. I need to know which one is better.

Hi Atul, I am very much confused between Dell vs HP laptop. Specs are almost similar and the only difference is the graphic processor. The dell has AMD Radeon R7 530 GDDR5 and the HP has NVIDIA 940MX DDR3. Which one is better, my requirements are efficiency with Premier Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop.

NVIDIA 940MX DDR3 is still more powerful than AMD Radeon R7 GDDR5. Here CUDA Cores are more important than anything because you have specified some of the editing applications.

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