How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail?

You can forward all the Rediffmail emails to your Gmail inbox directly using a forwarding option. It is a lifesaver feature if you wish to manage all of the emails from a Gmail account. Gmail is much more intuitive than Rediffmail and offers some of the rich features which Rediffmail lacs. Also, Gmail is becoming more famous due to the use of Android and Chrome OS.

QUICK UPDATE: UNFORTUNATELY, RediffMail does not support email forwarding anymore. The screen just says “You have not specified any email address to which you would like your emails forwarded”. We’ve received many emails that their screen does not show anything like a form to do this. They used to in the past, however, they disabled it since so many people were abusing it.

QUICK FIX: Personally email all the contacts to update your new email ID manually, in bank accounts, social accounts, and similar places you can manually change the email to a new one. Although this is a tedious process we don’t have any other fix.

Forward Rediffmail to Gmail
Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

The setup of forwarding Rediffmail to Gmail is so simple yet effective in case you want to make a centralized system for all the incoming emails. Here is how to set up this forward step by step.

Step 1

Open any browser and sign into your Rediffmail account and go to the “Settings” > “General“.

Step 2

Click the “Auto Forward” or “Forward Your Emails” link. (There may be link difference of you are on classic view or standard view)

Step 3

Type your Gmail address in the text field box below the “Enter the email address to which you would like your Rediffmail forwarded” label (Double-check email address, do not make any typo mistakes).

Step 4

Select if you would like to retain a copy of the email on the Rediffmail servers or have the emails deleted after forwarding. (Better retain it if NOT looking for lifetime forwarding)

Step 5

Click on “Start Forwarding My Emails” button. Voilà! Your Rediffmail emails will now start showing up in your Gmail inbox.

By any chance if you want to undo this, just login to your rediffmail account and undo the same.

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