How to Encourage Health in the Workplace?

Healthy workers are happy workers, which also makes employers happy too.

Sick days cost employers a lot of money and time, and many illnesses can be avoided through healthier living. Conditions like obesity can have long-term health effects including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, and helping to tackle health in the workplace can help your employees take better care of themselves.

Healthy Workplace

Show that you’re a caring, considerate employer with these suggestions for encouraging health in the workplace.

Start with the Basic Cleanliness

A clean and tidy office helps to create a healthier working environment, something that’s important if you’re going to stop the spread of colds and other viruses.

While hiring cleaners is a good first step to ensuring a clean office, it’s up to your employees to help keep the office clean. Putting hand sanitizers, desk wipes, keyboard and screen cleaners, and other items within easy reach can help workers develop some good habits and stop germs from spreading around.

You should also encourage employees who are feeling unwell to go home until they feel better. Even if they work from home while suffering from minor illnesses, they’ll be much better of recuperating at home than risking others getting sick as well.

Introduce Healthy Initiatives

Introducing healthy initiatives to your staff through an employee benefits scheme can be a great way to encourage them to get fit and healthy.

Discounted gym memberships, private health plans, and other benefits can give your employees the push they need to take better care of themselves.

You can raise awareness of these initiatives through focused health days and workshops that can help staff understand the options that are available to them and what you as an employer can offer to help.

Boost Mental Health in the Workplace

It’s not just someone’s physical health that can suffer at work, it’s their mental health too.

Mental health issues affect more people than we realize, and it’s vital to give people the help they need. Taking action to make your employees feel good about themselves can lead to some positive changes, and create a happier, friendlier working environment.

Encouraging staff to leave on time, go outside as well as encourage development and progression can all help boost an employee’s wellbeing, while offering counseling and advice services can help them feel supported and able to seek help for any issues they might be facing.

Ditch the Treat Table

Does your workplace have a ‘treat table’?

It’s easy to throw healthy eating habits out the window when there is an endless supply of biscuits and cake in the office.

Offering healthier alternatives like fruit, nuts, and other snacks give a greater choice to employees and stop them from filling up on sugar-filled snacks.

It’s a small thing you can do to encourage healthy eating in the workplace and is something your employees will appreciate.

Making your office a healthier, happier place can help reduce staff turnover and make your organization a great place to work. How will you improve health in your workplace? Consider the ways you can make a change today.

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