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Hoverwatch Review: Mobile Phone Tracker

Phone Monitoring Apps are essential pieces of software today.

Take Hoverwatch, for example. It is a piece of Android software that lets people see what is going on their children’s smartphones.

We’ve all heard stories of teenagers, who, believing the person they are texting day after day is real, travel hundreds of miles to meet their supposed “soulmate”, when they arrive at the meeting site, they come to the agreed-on meeting site, the teens face an adult who is bent on doing no good.

Mobile Phone Tracker

Undetectable Phone Software

If the teens had had Hoverwatch installed their parents would have seen what was happening and they could have moved to shut it down before it went very far. Granted, the kids will protest about invasions to their privacy or that their parents don’t trust them, however, if they understand things at all, they will realize that Mom and Dad have acted in their best interests.

Phone Monitoring Apps like Hoverwatch are essential today when cyber creeps exist all over the network, waiting and watching for teens to try to exert some influence over their lives.

It’s quite natural for a 14-year-old or 15-year-old to want to stretch his or her wings. Indeed, some try to do so by attempting to meet someone on the internet. This type of meeting holds the promise of the excitement of the for young people who consider the folks they are attending exotic. In fact, they probably consider them the same age as themselves.

However, when they arrive at the rendezvous, they find the person waiting for them isn’t their age. Instead, that person is an adult with evil intent on their minds. The victims are lucky if they escape.

The young person and the adult can do this because they use apps that hide things from concerned parents.

Hoverwatch, The Package

Hoverwatch is an Android app that levels the playing fields so that a kid’s parents know what is going on, at all times. Indeed, it is quite a piece of software. It lets you:

  • Track Calls and Messages
  • Track SMS 
  • Track GPS
Hoverwatch Calls
Track Calls and Messages
Hoverwatch SMS
Track SMS
Hoverwatch GPS
Track GPS

Usually, SMS, for example, is hidden from everyone except those involved in the text conversation. It is because of the way the internet and its communications structures work.

Phone Monitoring Apps like Hoverwatch runs under the Android Operating System. Android is not visible to other software because:

  • It is a self-contained operating system based on Unix
  • It is a self-contained operating system that sees only its apps

Installing Hoverwatch on Your Children’s Phones

Installing Hoverwatch on your family phones is straightforward. Once you have purchased the software, you take the following steps:

  1. Enter your email name
  2. Set up a password for your account
    Note: Because of the power of this software to monitor phones and software, you should set a separate password for this application. In this way, you will have a unique password dedicated to Hoverwatch.
  3. Download the software
  4. Run the installation routine
  5. Run the first session of the software to check things out

When you run the first session of this software, look at the number of devices you install. Also, see if any of the accounts are visible from your server network. Granted, the chances of this happening are somewhat remote because the software is, as noted, based on the Android operating environment. Except for some critical sources, it should be clear that Hoverwatch is a very stealthy software package.

Using Hoverwatch

With Hoverwatch installed, it is time to check things out to see there is anything else needed by the software. To know whether all of the necessary libraries, the next step is easy, you obtain a PIN. You will need this pin to launch the invisible software.

In many ways, this a great way to check the software installation. If these steps work, it means that the software is correct and it is ready to use.

Also, you will need the PIN number if you:

  • Plan to make significant changes to the program settings
  • Plan to delete the program

Post-Installation Software Views

After the software installation, you will see the following items.

  • Stealth mode – this is the hidden mode that lets you track devices without being seen
  • Record calls/Track calls
  • Record Internet Phone History
  • Track Facebook Messages, Track SMS, Track the front camera, Track up to 5 devices
  • Track the WhatsApp spy software
  • Track the SnapChat Spy software
  • Track Viber spy software
  • View SIM changes and their history
  • View Android Screen Shots
  • Track the ToDo List

Interestingly, the stealthy phone tracker will remain on and work while Hoverwatch is working. Indeed, the phone tracker remains on and monitoring phone calls. You can also install this secret program from your online account.

Using Hoverwatch in a Difficult Situation

The other day, just after we installed the program on our smartphone and our daughters’ devices, we set it to monitor incoming and outgoing calls to see what our daughters were doing.

For the most part, there was nothing out of the ordinary for most of the evening. However, right about 10 PM, the middle daughter received a call from a man whose name we had never heard. We wondered whether our daughter was going to be stalked by some 40-year-old cyber creep.

We really should have worried because as we listened, we also found out that our daughter was planning a birthday party for her boyfriend.

Granted, we weren’t happy with the way things were said and so on and we did mention stuff to our daughter, who, by the way, was grinning from ear-to-ear following the software installation and her spoofing us.

Okay so, it served us right to suspect our daughter’s motives as she is a good girl. More to the point, it also showed us this software works as advertised, even though our daughter knew what was going on.

Conclusion and Result

Phone Monitoring Apps are definitely worth their weight in storage in a smartphone. It makes sense not only to ensure they are hidden apps but they can work with pieces of software that are supposedly installed but hidden.

We intend to install this Phone Monitoring App on all of our smartphones so that we can make sure security is maintained. It is little enough price to pay for the piece of mind Hoverwatch now gives us.

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