Static Electricity

Get Your Notebook Computer Away from Static Electricity

There is static electricity everywhere in our life. No matter you twist metal doorknob or touch your family, you may come across static electricity. The daily static electricity is tiny to you, however, it is very dangerous to your notebook computer. Even static electricity you can’t feel below 4,000 volts or so, but it can damage your laptop, so you really should know how to get your notebook computer away from static electricity.

Static Electricity

Turn off your notebook computer and switch off the power switch on your surge protector, but leave everything plugged in. Your laptop runs a small amount of power continuously on the motherboard. It’s usually less than five watts, but it’s enough to draw an electrostatic discharge from you and zap your components.

Put on static wristbands or gloves before you remove your laptop’s casing.

Place your notebook computer on a static pad for an added layer of security.

Complete your repairs or upgrades and reassemble your computer.

Don’t remove your gloves and don’t take the laptop off the pad. Before you power back up, unplug the power cord at the laptop and remove the battery. Depress the power button and hold it down for ten seconds. Any static build-up will be discharged as this step powers down that trace charge your notebook computer keeps to help with booting.

Don’t slide your laptop around on the carpet or couch. This will cause a build-up of static electricity just like it does when you scoot across the carpet in your stockinged feet.

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