Gaming Laptops are Now Preferred Choice of Indians

In the 2nd Quarter of 2020, the study shows that Indians have changed their behavior during the lockdown. Indians are more interested in gaming laptops than common ones.

With the rapid adoption of learning from home and work from the home initiative, the demand for gaming laptops stayed normal while universally it was going down.

Gaming Laptop

When we see the cost of the gaming laptops compared to the non-gaming one, the difference is almost close to none. On the other side, recent entry of AMD’s Ryzen CPUs already made the competition competitive for laptop manufactures. So the cost came down.

In 2020, mid-range gaming laptops start from Rs. 50,000 and may go as high as Rs. 1,50,000. Professionals such as architects, data scientists, graphic or web designers, and animators opt for entry-level or mediocre gaming laptops. So technically, Indians not prefer gaming laptops.

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