19 Features of Xero Accounting Software

Accounting software like Xero can help to take the headache out of your accounts. It just automates and simplifies the things for you so you can focus on other core tasks.

Anyone can achieve the most out of using Xero to make your business life a little smoother by reading this guide and investing in a helpful Xero training course.


Before that check out 19 features of Xero accounting software to ease things.

  • Invoicing can be a real headache. With Xero, send invoices easily online, and offer online payment options to save time when chasing outstanding payments.
  • Manage stock easily with inventory tools. Keep track of inventory, and easily add items to orders and invoices.
  • Run payroll. Pay your staff, issue payslips, and run reports on payroll very easily.
  • Connect your bank accounts to Xero. Information will automatically be shared with Xero, meaning you can keep track of your finances in one place, saving a lot of time. With daily updates, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on and coming out.
  • Get information at a glance with the simple dashboard, and know in seconds how your cash flow is tracking.
  • Xero has built-in security, keeping all your data secure and safe.
  • Say goodbye to late fees by managing your bills payments through Xero. Pay automatically, cutting down on the admin of bill management.
  • Keep an easy record of expenses. Record and claim your own and staff expenses, pay them back to staff, and easily store receipts so you can keep track more simply.
  • If you bill clients by time, use Xero’s trackers to record exactly how much time and money you’re spending on a project. This makes accurate billing much simpler. You can also track areas where you’re spending more time than is profitable.
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on with the accounts wherever you are with Xero’s app. You can run all the same functions, without having to be at your desk. This is ideal if you often travel for work or like to work remotely.
  • Produce professional-looking quotes online and share them easily with clients in a more streamlined way.
  • Create smart reports that are tailored to the information you want to see to keep easy track of the details you’re interested in.
  • Accept online payments like PayPal and Stripe through Xero. Allowing more these common payment methods could mean you get paid sooner.
  • Make purchasing easier by processing orders through Xero. You can use it to keep track of orders too.
  • If you work across several countries, Xero allows you to track finances in multiple currencies and easily convert between them.
  • Get access to your files anyway by storing them in Xero. You can store any files and transactions for on the go access through the app.
  • Store all your business contacts within Xero for an easy way to keep an eye on any relationship details, as well as safely storing their data.
  • The VAT can be a nightmare to calculate. With Xero, you can use the only VAT calculator to make things much less of a headache.
  • With a clear dashboard, you can get a great picture of just how your business is performing. The dashboard is always up to date, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

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