Facebook to Partner with Tech Firms, Telecoms to Push 5G Connectivity

Facebook has the need for speed and it wants to work with telecommunications companies to hasten the availability of 5G connectivity.

Facebook 5G

That is where Facebook’s newly launched Telecom Infra Project (TIP) comes in. The initiative is a bid to have operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators, and other technology companies work together on the development of new technologies that can usher in better connectivity across the globe.

“Every day, more people and more devices around the world are coming online, and it’s becoming easier to share data-intensive experiences like video and virtual reality,” Facebook global head of engineering and infrastructure Jay Parikh said in a blog post.

“Scaling traditional telecom infrastructure to meet this global data challenge is not moving as fast as people need it to. We know there isn’t a single solution for this, and no one company can tackle the problem alone. Driving a faster pace of innovation in telecom infrastructure is necessary to meet these new technology challenges and to unlock new opportunities for everyone in the ecosystem.”

To drive that faster pace, a few TIP members, including Facebook, Intel and Nokia, have promised to contribute a preliminary suite of reference designs, while Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom will “help define and deploy the technology as it fits their needs.”

TIP members will collaborate on designs in three areas: access, backhaul and core and management. Component pieces will also be unbundled, granting operators more flexibility in building networks, resulting in gains in cost and operational efficiency for both rural and urban deployments.

“As the effort progresses, TIP members will work together to accelerate development of technologies like 5G that will pave the way for better connectivity and richer services,” Parikh said.

“Testing new technologies and approaches and sharing what we learn with the rest of the industry will enable operators to adopt new models with full confidence that they will be sustainable.

For Facebook, TIP is a new investment that ties into our other connectivity efforts already under way through Internet.org.”

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