Probably by now, you have at least one smartphone and possibly a tablet and you never go anywhere without bringing one or both of them with you.

These mini computers changed the way we live our everyday lives. Previously there was just the option to call and send SMS messages, but now we can do almost everything with them from searching the web, sending emails, all the way to capturing overwhelming photos and more.

These devices can be very useful to business people who need to do some work while they are on the move. Generally speaking, in situations when you are running around town to different meetings all day, have lots of emails to read and must meet tight deadlines our mobile devices become indispensable.

And if you have the right apps on your phone to meet your business requirements, then you can effortlessly increase your productivity. While more attention is drawn to the games and commercial apps, mobile apps that make your everyday job a lot easier are better and are even more important.

Essential Apps for Businessmen

If your aim is to work more productively, than downloading some new apps to your mobile device can be a step in the right direction. We put together a list of our favorite productivity apps that you can download and install on your iOS or Android device.


Price: Free (Available on iOS and Android)


Todoist is a “Smart Schedule” app that uses machine learning in order to suggest the best dates for you to schedule your tasks. You can attach labels, create tasks and subtasks, share and debate about the items with friends and colleagues. Besides, you can access your notes and to-do lists through their website or by an app on any device.

There is also an integration with third-party apps including Google Home, Slack, Dropbox, Amazon Echo, and more. You can even capture and arrange tasks the second they pop into your head by dictating them to the app. It was declared one of the best Google Play apps by Google itself.

PDF Converter Ultimate

Price: Free (Available on iOS and Android)

PDF Converter Ultimate

As the name implies it, this is the ultimate app for swiftly and accurately converting your documents on the move. For example, whenever you need to edit some PDF, rather than retyping the whole thing all over again, this app lets you convert it to over 20 different file types like MS Office files, XPS, Image file types and many others.

A handy feature is that you can convert Gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud, and OneDrive straight from the app which can be convenient for people who like to keep everything on the cloud. You can also convert scanned and complex PDFs with the industry-leading OCR technology.

Considering that all conversions are done on the servers, the app won’t drain your device battery. Additionally, if you are concerned that your documents may be compromised, don’t be, because after the conversion is complete all documents are being deleted from the servers.


Price: Free (Available on iOS)


If you are a kind of person that doesn’t want to spend the whole morning going through your packed mailbox, then this app is a perfect fit for you. Spark sorts your inbox for you and automatically knows whether an email is important or not with its “Smart Inbox” feature.

It has quick reply option which allows you to instantly respond to an email with just one tap. Furthermore, you can use natural language to search for emails which is one of my favorite characteristics. We all enjoy the feeling of achievement when we have finally dealt with our inbox. Spark makes you feel like that every day.

Scanner App

Price: Free (Available on iOS and Android)

Scanner AppIf your job consists of scanning a lot of documents, then you should unquestionably have Scanner App installed on your device. It enables you to create PDFs or JPGs from various documents by using only your smartphone camera. You can create black and white, grayscale or color scans.

Additionally, there is no need to resize or crop the image because Scanner App has a built-in border detection. It has some other handy features like choosing between low, medium and HD scan quality, multiple page scanning, document protection by securing folders and scans with a password and much more. You can also share scanned documents with different apps and cloud services.


Price: Free (Available on iOS and Android)

DropTaskDroptask is another great productivity app. It allows you to manage your team and it uses a highly visual approach in coordinating your projects. It found inspiration in mind mapping which means it lets you present your assignments and projects in color-coded, connected circles, complete with who is assigned to each task. It has completion status and lets you see how each task interacts with other parts of your project.

The free version allows you to have teams of up to 5 people and paid version brings a ton of premium features such as unlimited file attachments, unlimited project members, task dependencies and more.

These apps won’t make you or break you. They are only here to help you make your everyday life easier and less stressful. Ultimately everything is up to you and there is no app that can manage all your work on your behalf.

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