Employee Monitoring

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Using Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring

Do you know what your staff members are doing on the web during working hours? Are you sure they use the company’s computers and internet connection only for business purposes? Are you suspecting that your employees are wasting time at work? Then it’s high time you considered installing a surveillance system to keep an eye on your employee internet use.

Key Reasons to Monitor Employee Internet Use

Everything your staff does on work time and company resources matters. Time spent on social networking websites can seriously decrease productivity, and using company PCs for visiting objectionable sites can subject your business to legal risks. Consequences may be even worse if your staff members reveal proprietary information, putting at risk business strategy and customer confidentiality. And, of course, unchecked internet activity of your employees can expose company’s network and system to serious dangers from malware.

Advantages of Computer Monitoring Software

Many businesses around the world monitor employee internet use to gain full control over their companies. There are a lot of websites that offer employee-surveillance programs with advanced features. Keylogger service Refog allows executives to monitor multiple employees in real time and give immediate feedback on their activities preventing them from wasting company time on online entertainment.

Employee monitoring allows business owners, team leads, and executives to track employee activities at working hours and check their engagement with workplace-related tasks. When using employee monitoring on a computer, entrepreneurs can measure productivity, track attendance of the staff members, ensure security, and collect proof of work engagement during working hours. Keeping track of activities when employees are using company computers is crucial when they deal with sensitive data to minimize data leakage and detect employee fraud.

Thanks to modern software, companies can monitor activity and online communication, including web history, email, keystroke logging, computer screen recording, app monitoring and file tracking, instant messaging monitoring and use these data in the decision-making process. The computer monitoring software can be easily installed in a few minutes and anyone can configure and operate it without special training. There is no need to have physical access to the monitored PCs – you can get all reports via email and read them anywhere.

Statistics show that monitoring disciplines staff members and increases their productivity. It has been proved that employees usually perform better in the workplace when they are being monitored, or even when they think that they are being watched by their supervisors.

Employee monitoring software is an effective tool to take care of the lack of productivity in an office environment and, at the same time, to protect your business against security breaches and to detect disloyal employees.

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