Enterprise Mobile Apps

Are Enterprise Mobile Apps Changing the Business Scenario?

Mobile Tech and Mobile Commerce is changing the way we do the business. According to the latest research by Forrester about the mobile & marketing trends suggests that mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular among the business enterprises and startups.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

According to Comscore mobile has 65% of the digital media time, with mobile app dominating the usage.

If you have a business or a startup and doesn’t have a mobile app, you definitely need one. Just have a mobile friendly website alone will no longer be sufficient in time to come.

Mobile Tech and Mobile commerce are playing a key role in current digital shift and disruption that many businesses are facing.

Mobile is changing the way we do business and interact with our customers. The fact that people carry their smartphone all the time mobile apps are emerging as a next big trend and businesses should focus on it.

Following are the benefits of the enterprise mobile apps.

Support on the Go

Do you customers need help when they stuck in the middle of the problem? An enterprise mobile application would allow you to get the right kind of solution & customer can directly report and bug, error or support request.  This will reduce the time to address the issue and it will increase customer satisfaction rate.

Competitive Advantage

Still many businesses don’t have a mobile app for their businesses. It might be a good idea to develop an app and differentiate your business from your competitor. Mobile apps can get your competitive advantage in terms of Personalized offerings, discount & loyalty programs, Customer convenience etc.  The mobile app is all about getting a competitive advantage from by offering cutting edge services.

Time Spent of Mobile Apps

According to statistics from mobile app analytics firm Flurry , smartphone users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and 14% of mobile websites.

Moreover, average time spent on mobile & mobile apps is increasing rapidly –rising by 21% in 2016 from 2015.

Brand Visibility & Recognition

If you want your business to get noticed by your customers and prospects, you need to be where they are. The best way is to build an enterprise mobile app that serves a dual purpose. It brings in prospects and customers for sales & provides a value added services. It will increase business’s brand visibility. It also gives your business recognition by showing that you can for your customers and want to be present where they are.

Reach & Impact

Your customers in 2017 and beyond are mobile. They are out and about, going from one place to the other. In order to reach them, you need an enterprise mobile app. Your best opportunity is to build a mobile app that can remain with your customer & prospect wherever they go. When you have a presence in customer’s life 20*7 , your potential to reach them increases significantly.

When you have a chance that reach & impact is huge. If you look at the engagement rate at which it is being done. If that’s the case then it is always advisable to reach to the best possible target segment.

Direct Marketing

Mobile App opens new direct marketing channel for your business. You can communicate directly with your customers with Push Notifications and in-app messages. Mobile apps can provide more information on the things like new product update, recent industry happenings, emerging trends etc.

Mobile Payments

It’s a great convenience for your customer if they can just order a product or services from the mobile app itself instead of coming to your office or store. Your customer can directly pay and acquire your services.  Regardless of what you sell,  accepting payments through the mobile app can improve your conversion rate.

Future of Mobile Apps

It is estimated that mobile app drove business will grow exponentially in next few years. Current data about mobile tech & mobile commerce gives a strong indication that in next 5 years everyone will be shopping from their smartphones.

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