Why Should eCommerce Startups Invest In UI/UX of the Website?

UI/UX of the Website

When you are planning to start an ecommerce business, a good website design should be an essential and most integral part of your investment. It’s not just about any design, but one that is easier to interpret by potential buyers who visit your website.

A good website design lures the visitors to stay on the site for longer and also lets them navigate easily through various sections with ease, which eventually results in purchases.

Additionally, user experience also plays a major role in all sorts of ecommerce businesses. The User Experience (UX) of a website depends on the quality of its User Interface Design (UI) and web design, therefore, businesses should make it a point to put money into it.

UI/UX of the Website

By their very nature, startups are lean and mostly don’t have sufficient resources at least in the initial phases. More often than not, a single person is performing multiple tasks and managing too many things at once.

However, despite the lack of resources, hiring a UI/UX designer should be a priority. You have to run an online store and stores need to look their very best to appeal to buyers. Hence, it is mandatory to be aware of the latest UI/UX trends, which are making it big in the small business community.

In a recent blogpost, Usability Hour founder argued that even in this scenario, a startup should hire a separate designer for both UI and UX designing. He explained that these two functions work a bit differently, and working on them separately can bring out the best in your website. “UX Designer and UI Designer are two vastly different roles and a single person should not be hired to be responsible for both. There, I said it!” argues Morrison.

It all comes down to your budget though. Be it separate resources or a single savvy designer, you need to polish the looks of your ecommerce store from the very beginning.

Mentioned ahead are some major reasons why your startup should invest in UX/UI design:

Your Store Needs More Than Graphic User Interface Design

Startup founders proudly say that they have it all under control and that they are going to work on a great website design. But when you inquire further, it turns out that they are only getting their graphic user interface designing done by a professional.

It needs some explaining to tell them that UX is not UI and vice versa. These two things have to play their part in an ecommerce website, separately. Ecommerce website interface is so much more than placement and colors!

Startups in ecommerce should take a customer-centric approach, be it for a product or the store. Startups miss out on UI and UX because they believe that their marketing and HR is going to do just fine in publicizing a website.

They also believe that the failure of a product or website was due to lack of marketing, when in reality they may have been lacking good user-centric design. Thus, you have to hire specialists in UI/UX, who think like users and optimize the website the way users will like it. 

Ecommerce Conversion Rates Get a Boost by Improving UI/UX

It is estimated that every website has a conversion rate of 2 per cent. Those who are doing it differently boast a conversion rate of up to 10 per cent. If people like your website, it will inevitably rise higher in the SERPs. These visitors are warm leads. The challenge lies in scoring a purchase from people who are already admiring your interface.

If, however, your website fails in converting those attracted leads, it is sadly heading towards failure. The fate of your ecommerce store lies in the kind of design that makes people buy from you. In this scenario, cutting down on UI/UX design would be a ridiculous thing to do in the early stages of business.

Customer Needs Are Met

The major reason behind choosing UX and UI design in ecommerce is to make the site look good to potential customers. By doing what users want in the website, you are actually putting their needs before yours and this works in your favor.

Unfortunately though, e-commerce business owners often make the mistake of getting the site design they want or what looks good to them only. If you fall in the line of what your users want, you will fulfill their needs better than your competitors.

See what your competitors are missing out on due to their lack of user-centric design approach. It is good to learn these details in the beginning of your business journey. So if your competitor is failing to provide what the buyer wants, you can jump in and grab the opportunity.

It is Part of the ‘Halo Effect’

Are you familiar with the halo effect? It is quite a successful business strategy. Even major businesses like Apple rely on the halo effect to increase their sales. But what does it exactly do?

Just give this fact a thought for a moment: Are Apple’s desktops the greatest computers to ever exist? Are they standout performers while other companies can’t get to their level? Not really.

So why do people flock to the Apple stores to buy the newest products? It’s because of the halo effect.

Halo Effect
Halo Effect (Source)

Apple is famous for its iPhones and iPads, and that popularity rubs off on other Apple products as well. This perceived status makes their products sell like hot cakes.

Similarly, UI/UX designing process can borrow a lot from the halo effect. It can be the core element of user-centric design. When a user engages with your store, their first impression should be so good that they can’t resist becoming a customer.

If you have awesome landing pages, the user would like to venture further into the website and make purchases. Users will even forgive if one element is lagging, just because the rest of the experience has been amazing.

Take a look at Paskomnas – A Grocey Website. Their site design revolves around the likes and preferences of their users. They decided early on that when it comes to buying groceries, users want quick service and good quality produce. They designed their website like this;


Fruits, vegetables and other items are displayed clearly on the site, and look as fresh as if they were real. This design majorly took into account what users need, and this became the sole reason for its success.

An ecommerce website’s design process doesn’t need to be complicated. Nobody likes to deal with useless graphics when all they have to do is buy tomatoes or a pack of lentils.

Key Takeaways

  • When it comes to website design, startups should invest in good UI/UX designers who can perform thorough research into what users want from an ecommerce store.
  • Startups have higher chances of grabbing a good percentage of users from competitors who aren’t fulfilling user needs by their design.
  • Keep the website design simple, but usable. Think of what your user wants.
  • UX and UI are not the same so learn the difference between them and then make an awesome website.
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Kamil Riaz
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