How to Download Netflix Movies with Movavi Screen Recorder

Part of the beauty of using Netflix is the fact that you have access to a massive library of movies, TV shows and video content that can be streamed at a moment’s notice. In most cases that will mean that you always have something to watch – unless you aren’t online.


Although recently Netflix has implemented a feature allowing you to ‘download’ movies that you want to watch later it has several limitations. As such if you’d like a way to be able to download and save any Netflix movies that you want, you’re better off using Movavi Screen Recorder.

To cut a long story short Movavi Screen Recorder will let you ‘download’ Netflix movies by recording them directly from your screen. Once you do that you can save it as a video file, and watch it whenever you want, transfer it to different devices, or even burn it onto a DVD.

Suffice to say using Movavi Screen Recorder to download MP4 or some other video format is more flexible. On top of that it is really easy – and to set it up you just need to open up Netflix and find the movie then launch Movavi Screen Recorder and board on with REC button.

Movavi Screen Recorder

When you launch Movavi Screen Recorder the first thing you should do is draw a frame over the Netflix movie using your mouse cursor. The recording interface will appear and you can adjust the frame further or use a preset under ‘Capture Area’. It is also possible to adjust other recording parameters such as the frame rate, sound levels and audio sources – but not necessary in this case.

If you want to automate the recording you should click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon on Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface. That will let you set a timer to stop the recording after a fixed duration, or schedule both a start and stop time.

In any case you can start recording by pressing ‘REC’ and play the Netflix movie once you do. After the movie is over, click ‘Stop’ and Movavi Screen Recorder will save it as an MKV file by default and open a ‘Preview’ window where you can go over the recording, trim out any unwanted parts, and save it in a different format if need be.

As you can see it won’t take you long to set up and start recording a Netflix movie using Movavi Screen Recorder. More to the point when the recording is complete and you save it, you’ll be able to watch that movie whenever you please and on any device that you like. If you’ve ever wanted to download Netflix movies, this is easily the most flexible method available.

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