Distribute Coupon Codes Through Your Social Media Campaigns

In the e-commerce sector, it doesn’t matter how you entice your customers provided that your strategy works in driving sales. To a majority of store owners and retailers, the use of coupon codes is a ‘necessary evil’. Simply, it may hurt your business to some extent in terms of revenue but you stand to lose more if you don’t use them.

The secret to running a coupon campaign is using the most effective distribution channel.

Coupon Code
Coupon Code

Considering that most shoppers rely on social media for shopping insights and cost-saving opportunities, you can enjoy more conversions if you use the route for your coupon codes campaign. You only need the right strategies so as to get the most out of your campaign.

Here are 7 great tips to use:

Match Coupon Codes with Campaign Goal

What are you planning to achieve when running the social media coupon campaign? If you want to clear stock, distributing BOGO (buy one, get one) coupons may be ideal. In case your goal is to encourage customer loyalty, dollar off coupon codes will work. If you are looking to entice new customers, free shipping and percentage off coupon codes are a great choice.

Take Advantage of Social Media Ads

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide you with the opportunity to create social ads that you can distribute to your social followers. You can use the coupon codes as social ads. You just have to label them “offers.” This will significantly improve your conversions.

Redirect Customers to a Landing Page

The customers don’t have to redeem the coupon codes on social media. You can use the platforms to redirect them to a landing page. You can use the landing page to show a range of your products and offers so as to encourage more sales.

Attach Coupon Codes to Social Media Posts

If you have a sizeable number of social media followers, it’s probable that they are always waiting to see your posts. So, you should attach coupon codes to the images and text that you post. The posts need to visually attractive to make the coupon code stand out.

Use Influencers

On social media, you may be following a few influential people and they are following you back. You can use them to distribute your coupons. All they have to do is post the codes on the social media handles and a larger audience will notice them.

Leverage the Power of Hashtags

Nowadays, social media users like following what is trendy. The use of hashtags is instrumental in achieving this. Using something like #coupon code may help to inform a wide audience about your offers.

Show Sense of Urgency

So often, a customer will look at a coupon code once and may not get the chance to relook it. Make the opportunity count by making your coupon codes look urgent.

You can use an expiration date or a countdown timer.

Considering that coupon codes are amazing in convincing customers to make purchases, you stand to convince a bigger number if you use social media as your distribution route. The more your social media followers learn about the promo codes, they become more aware of your products and services.

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