DigitalOcean to Open Datacenter in India, Bangalore

DigitalOcean to Open Datacenter in India

DigitalOcean an American based Could Hosting Company, said that they plans to open a datacenter in India by this year; probably in this summer, with an initial invest of 5 Million Dollars to build local facility and operation in 2016.

According to Netcraft (A Cloud Infrastructure Research Firm), In 2015 DigitalOcean already become the 2nd largest web hosting company in the world, which has catered to the developers community by offering then on-demand cloud computing resources that can be deployed in seconds (about a minute as they advertise) at a cheapest price of 5 dollar as starting plan.

“We’re here to help the booming economy in India continue to grow and succeed” says Ben Uretsky, CEO and Co-Founder of DigitalOcean.

Uretsky said that company has really big plans for 2016 and actively working on providing same top notch services in India too.

He also added “Developers in India will have first access to these cutting-edge technologies in our new datacenter in Bangaluru”.

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