Designhill vs DesignCrowd
Designhill vs DesignCrowd

Designhill vs DesignCrowd: The Best Crowdsourcing Site for Logo Design

Designhill vs DesignCrowd
Designhill vs DesignCrowd

A logo is the face of your company. It is the first impression of your brand. People get to know about how serious you are regarding your business just by looking at your logo design. Apart from being unique, it is essential that your logo design is memorable so that it stays in the minds of the people. You need to leave an impact in your target audiences’ mind with the logo you have. Think of all the top brands and you will find that you remember all their logos be it Nike, Apple  or MCDonalds.

There is no harm in hiring a graphic designer to create a logo for your business. Nonetheless a single  person will take a lot of time and money for providing you with the desired results. Wondering how could you get that perfect logo design in lesser money and time? Try crowdsourcing!

What is Crowdsourcing?

We are sure that you must have heard this term crowdsourcing numerous times before. Let’s quickly go through it’s definition once again. Crowdsourcing is simply a practice of tapping the potential of a skilled crowd to get your design task (project) done at a single platform. It provides you an opportunity to reach beyond boundaries and source custom logo designs in no time and at reasonable prices.

What Are the Best Crowdsourcing Sites?

At this point, we’re sure you understand what crowdsourcing is and how can it help you find a diamond in the rough. There are plenty of dedicated crowdsourcing services that can help you win the battle for attention on social media. Designhill, DesignCrowd and 99Designs are just three of the many crowdsourcing services that are readily available for those looking to source creative graphic design solutions.

But What Site Should I Opt For?

Almost all crowdsourcing service are popular amongst small businesses and startups. These sites proudly boasts of a rather long list of satisfied clients. So, it would be safe for us to say that you aren’t really at loss when opt to source your graphic design requirements to any of these sites. But to make things convenient for you, here we present to you an elaborate comparison between the two heavyweights in the industry – Design Crowd and Designhill.

How Do These Sites Work?

Before we proceed any further, let’s understand how these crowdsourcing sites actually work. Rather than the following the traditional business model of accepting bids and proposals, these sites follow a futuristic graphic design contest model. Typically, design contests held at these sites draw hundreds of unique and creative design entries, with only one final winner getting picked by the contest holder.

This amazing business model allows design seekers to write a design brief, choose their own budget, and take their pick of the design. This business model ensures greater flexibility and savings for buyers and ensures great opportunities for registered designers. In between the contests, clients can give their valuable inputs, suggestions and feedback to point designers in the right direction.

Though the modus operandi remains the same for both these sites, it’s the pricing and credibility is what you should look for when mulling over which of the two sites to choose from.

Before we delve any further, let’s get to know these two sites a little.


Designhill: Best and Affordable!

Designhill Logo

Looking for the most affordable, economic yet creative and unique logo design for your business? Designhill could be your best bet! The platform has over 27,000+ graphic artists, logo designers, illustrators and visual artists from across the world who work 24*7. Moreover, the sites provides you a choice of 100+ unique logo design options to choose from starting at just $129. Isn’t that awesome? Also, apart from logo design category, there are 40+ different categories of graphic designs including Twitter and Facebook page design to choose from.

DesignCrowd: Quality Unlimited!

DesignCrowdIn a lot of ways, DesignCrowd is pretty similar to Designhill. Though DesignCrowd has around 505,049 graphic designers available round-the-clock, they do have a minimum budget of $299 for a design. However, they provide you with an option to customize your budget as per your requirements. Although their user reviews and customer feedback isn’t as solid as Designhill, most of their customers are satisfied with their services and have positive opinion about the company. In addition, DesignCrowd offers a $20 participation fee for the top runner ups or the option to give up your refund guarantee and commit to awarding a prize.

Now, let’s compare the two on the scale of Pricing and User Reviews – the two most important factors that most customers look for when it comes to crowdsourcing their graphic design needs.



Designhill offers four levels of price packages for its logo design contests. The lowest price that you can avail is $129. All the packages are inclusive of commission fee to host the project, applicable taxes and service charges in addition to include full copyright ownership of the final design. Check out the price packages offered by Designhill in the screen shot below:

Designhill Pricing

If you choose to go for Designhill’s Fast Track package, priced at $129, you get to choose from 20+ unique and creative designs. Under its ‘Normal’ package, priced at $229, you get to choose from 40+ logo designs. In addition, you’re covered under ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’, which means you may claim a full refund, if you don’t find the designs you’re looking for. Your contest is promoted at social media by the company to ensure maximum visibility and exposure.

Under the ‘Executive’ package, priced at $329, you can take your pick from 100+ design concepts submitted in response to your logo design contest. Your contest is featured on social media sites and is promoted through blogs to ensure that you’re able to gain maximum media mileage. Additionally, the company provides an iron-clad protection to your hard earned money in the form of its 100% money back guarantee.

The ‘Premium’ package is priced at $529. This package is covered under 100% money back guarantee and attracts as many as 140+ unique, creative and exceptional design submissions. This package also allows you send a ‘Paid’ invite to a designer of your choice to participate in your logo design contest. And the contest is promoted on social media, blogs and the platform as ‘Highlighted’ contest.

Now, let’s talk about the price packages offered by DesignCrowd.


The pricing structure of DesignCrowd, on the other hand, is a little different and tricky than Designhill. Although they let businesses set the design budget they are comfortable in with a minimum requirement of $299, a deeper look into the contests reveals that most designers registered with the site prefer to participate in the contest priced at $499.

There is a list of recommended budget levels of $240, $440, and $940 for logo design services. The number of designers that come forward to participate and the quality of work is no different from Designhill as discussed above. This goes without saying that the more the prize money, the better the responses and the design submissions you get in response to your contest. DesignCrowd keeps with itself $50 of what you pay, and the rest is paid to the winning designer. Both of them have 100% money back guarantee.

DesignCrowd Package

Besides the unavailability of information about money back guarantee, the site also restraints itself from disclosing if they promote contests for clients and the fee for hosting contests at Design Crowd site.

Verdict: As far as pricing is concerned, Designhill seems to be a far more better option than DesignCrowd. Furthermore, Designhill offers you more flexible choices in terms of design submissions in response to your contest.

User Feedback and Creditworthiness

Designhill: Designhill is consistently rated well by its users. The company has plenty of positive reviews mentioned for it on some of the most prominent review sites including Trust Pilot and Site Jabber.

Designhill has 77% positive scores at Site Jabber. The company actively responds to consumer complaints, queries and feedback at Site Jabber.

Designhill Review

Similarly, Trust Pilot rates Designhill as 7.3 on the scale of 0-10. The company is pretty active on Trust Pilot and leaves no stones unturned to make sure that consumers complaints are taken care of on a timely basis.

Desigbhill Review Ratings

Over the months, Designhill has successfully created a slew of interactive campaigns to capture the interest of their audiences. These interactive campaigns include interactive infographics, microsites, and interactive quizzes. Their work has been featured on sites like The Next Web, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post,,, etc. Forbes Magazine recently featured a story titled – ‘Startups: Why Giving Stuff Away For Free Is the Best Marketing Tool based on Designhill’s research based interactive infographic.

Startup Growth Factors That Influence Startup Success in 2016 Infographic by Designhill


Designhill also features a long list of testimonials from customers who have used its services in the past. The testimonials are available at

DesignCrowd: Quite like Designhill, DesignCrowd too is popular amongst its fans and patrons. No wonder, the company is ranked alongside some of the best crowdsourcing platforms in the world. The company features several positive reviews on sites like Trust Pilot and Site Jabber.

DesignCrowd has 50% positive scores at popular review site, Site Jabber. One notable thing here is that the company doesn’t respond to complaints and feedback posted at Site Jabber.

DesignCrowd Review

Likewise, DesignCrowd has earned an excellent rating of 9.7 on the scale of 0-10 on Trust Pilot. The company actively engages with consumers at Trust Pilot and listens and resolves customer complaints and queries. In addition, it actively works on feedback and suggestion provided by customers on Trust Pilot.

DesigbCrowd Review Ratings

Design Crowd too has been features on several stories published at top-notch websites including Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, and the Next Web. Unlike Designhill, Design Crowd doesn’t publish interactive infographics, microsites, and interactive quizzes. However, they have listed a range of creative and appealing infographics on their site. In addition,

DesignCrowd Inforgraphic

Just like Designhill, Design Crowd also features a list of positive testimonials from clients and customers from across the globe. Design Crowd testimonials are available at

Verdict: While Designhill wins hands down at Site Jabber, Design Crowd leads all the way at Trust Pilot. So, as far as reviews and rating are concerned, we’ll give it to both these companies. Both of them are doing a good job as far as satisfying their clients are concerned. But when you talk about customer engagement and marketing strategies, Designhill seems to win hands down. With a range of interactive campaigns, the company seems to have made a special place in the hearts of users.

Wrapping it Up!

Both Designhill and Design Crowd are quite popular with small businesses and startups. Both of them flaunt a long list of happy and satisfied  customers as they continue to put in their best efforts to bring smiles on the faces of their consumers. Therefore, no matter which company you choose to crowdsource your logo design, you really can’t go wrong.

However, on comparing these two sites on the parameters of pricing and credibility, Designhill comes out as a clear winner. With Designhill, you can source a creative logo design at figures significantly lower than what Design Crowd charges. Not only that, crowdsourcing your at Designhill means getting as much as a hundred responses—or even more—to your logo design project. This ensures that you’re not limited in the range of styles to choose from. Also, with Designhill, you get to enjoy a range of interactive campaign specially conceptualized and created to help you grow your business against all odds.

So if you’re looking for a logo design to make your brand stand out from the rest, now’s your chance. Launch a logo design contest at Designhill. Remember, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility to get that perfect logo design that you had imagined without having to spend through your nose.

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Shruti Gupta
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  • You know the thing that is really bad with these sites is that the professional designer is being treated badly, many getting low pay and having to put in work and competing it shouldn’t be this way if your good enough you don’t need 40 or 50 to compete against to try and earn a living it’s not right.

    • Thanks for your feedback Carol and I’m glad to know that we both have same thoughts. While working in many digital industries I have faced the similar issues with designers and creative people. They always present their issue regarding payment and satisfaction with work. Still, for living they are pressurized to complete their tasks which are the biggest downside what we have to overcome.

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