DareBoost: Analyze the Performance and Quality of Your Website

While developing a website it is mandatory that you look for its performance and its quality to make sure that nothing is going to overwhelm your resources due to a bit performance issues. Many a time it happens that due to a single issue big problem arises; especially when you have a decent amount of traffic where user engagement is high.

So to overcome such issue we will need a tool to analyze our website’s web performance and its quality and DareBoost is one of the best online tool where you can see a complete dashboard of your website’s performance and let us know what optimizations needed to be done for more performance in fewer resources.


With a very neat design flat interface, DareBoost is a complete package of website performance and quality testing tool. It offers a unique free analyzing feature which is totally free. The tool establishes its report on the following criteria: Accessibility, Compatibility, Server Configuration, Performance, Cache Policy, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the Technologies used for your site.

Ahead to their free plan they support premium or paid plan too, where you are allowed to monitor your web pages. You can set specific criteria to pass your website under load. I personally tested my website at DareBoost and below is the snapshot of AtulHost.com report.

DareBoost Dashboard

Features of DareBoost

DareBoost Takes Care of Your Website

DareBoost takes care of your website and warns you when any issue found. It helps you to avoid costly issues which arise from small issues.

Your Favorite Tools Are Combined in Single Test

You might use any of the tools to test your website like Google PageSpeed, YSlow and W3 Validators for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At DareBoost all such tools are combined in one; that means you do not have to rely on multiple tools to just measure a single website.

Bunch of Solutions to Overcome Issues

After analyzing your website and knowing what needs to be optimized, is the half story, what is the thing which needs to overcome and how to overcome is next half part. DareBoost provides your complete solution for found issues.

Monitor Your Web Pages

If you are working on a living website then monitoring your website becomes a primary thing because no one can say what will happen when user gets suddenly found interest on your website.

Here you can set your time intervals, locations and browsers you want to test in. They have a unique feature that no one provides till now which is monitoring your website on mobile device. Due to increasing numbers of mobile users it is important that you look for mobile interface too.

In short DareBoost is really a robust web performance tool which helps to find the bottlenecks of your website. If you are creating a robust online project and need a class web performance analyzing tool then DareBoost would be the nice tool that you can use to create a success story.

Check Your Website Report for Free at DareBoost.com
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  • Hi Atul, this is the message appeared when i tried to use this service “DareBoost is experiencing some trouble, we’re working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Seems promising but right now I am not able to see any significant advantage of dareboost over other popular tools like gtmetrix and pingdom.

    • Hello Rakesh, You might seen their downtime. But it is working fine now. But their is advantage of DareBoost over GTmetrix and Pingdom Tools. It combines all the features in one test. You must try this once.