Make Some Extra Cash

Creative Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

Are you strapped for cash and looking for ways to make money? Sometimes you just have to be creative if you want to put extra cash into your pocket. Here are several creative ways of making money:

Make Some Extra Cash

Get Paid to Watch Videos

You might have heard of Swagbucks, but did you know that you could get paid to watch videos? You will receive 5 dollars for signing up, and you have to watch shows on a certain playlist to earn money. Before you start watching any playlist, Swagbucks will let you know how long it is.

Most video playlists range from 5 minutes to half an hour. You can earn up to 225 dollars per month watching these videos. However, your potential earnings will vary depending on the number of videos that you are approved for.

Sell Junk on Apps

If your closet is full of clothes and junk from many years ago, you should get rid of it. Many apps allow you to sell your junk and get money. For instance, you can sell old books that you no longer need on Bookscouter – an app that connects you to many buyback companies that are available online.

Do you have a bunch of CDs and movies that are collecting dust on a shelf? You can use Decluttr: An app that will pay you for your old movies, Blu-rays, and video games.

Surf the Internet

Did you know that you could earn money just by searching for things on your computer or phone? Microsoft gives rewards for searches. The rewards come in the form of gift cards, but it is not a lot of money. You can earn up to 200 dollars a year just by doing what you normally do.

Drive for Uber

Do you like driving because of its therapeutic effect? You can earn money by being an Uber contractor. You will be responsible for setting up your own schedule, but you have to motivate yourself to work. The best thing about it is that you get to keep 80 percent of everything that you earn while Uber gets only 20%.

Sell Mortgage Notes

Are you a private lender looking to convert your mortgage notes into cash? When private lenders want some cash, they are usually at the mercy of a few investors who offer deeply discounted prices for mortgage notes. However, if you want a fair price for your note, you should get in touch with reputable companies or visit their sites such as AmerinoteXchange.

Sell Your Friendship

Did you know that you could make money just by being someone’s friend? Start by registering at and paying users will contact you to attend sporting events, VIP events, and family functions. The site allows you to set your own schedule, which is convenient. You can make up to 50 dollars an hour.

Sell Smartphone Photos

Do you have a photographic eye? If you own a Smartphone, you can turn your photos into cash using an app called Foap. You just have to download the free app and sign up for an account to get started. Make sure that you take quality photographs and upload them.

Each photo sells for $5. If you sell one photo twenty times, you will make 100 dollars easily. It is like getting free money, which is cool.

Watch More TV

Are you a couch potato? You can earn money just by doing what you love: watching TV. A company called RewardTV pays people to answer questions about TV shows that aired last night. If you love to follow TV show drama, you can make money by answering easy questions.

In a lab, tagging mice allow researchers to identify and monitor the activities of study participants, but technology including Smartphone apps notes and rewards you for your involvement.

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