Your Opportunity to Create Graphics for Instagram Stories

Create Graphics

If you are one of those people who love and rather enjoy posting graphics in place of photos, then you will be happy to hear great news! Now you have the right to use graphics in your Instagram Stories. Now that just makes someone’s day far better than what it was before.

You now get the chance to create some graphic in illustrator or even Photoshop, which will ensure that you end up making graphics which are 1080 Pixels x 1920 Pixels high. Then you have the right to just export the graphic as .jpg and then just email it to yourself or just move those image files to phone offline.

Create Graphics

After that, you just have to email on your phone and then just download it to camera roll. Now, you have to just upload the graphic to the IG stories in the same way in which you upload any photo. In case you failed to have any Illustrator or even Photoshop, you can just use Adobe Spark for a change. It can also be used for creating some of the awesome graphics for your use right now. It is always quite simpler for anyone without any kind of design experience to just go through this tool and use it for creating awesome graphics. You get to learn more about it from Gramblast, just to enhance your experience and knowledge a bit more, to say the least.

You can procure Adobe Spark on your smartphone, which will help you save the step of emailing graphics to your phone. You can even add it to the IG stories templates, which you can further alter if you want to. If you are in need of then you can actually crate your very own design. Now for just creating any IG story based graphic on your phone with the help of this tool namely Adobe Spark, you just need to follow some basic instructions, for your kind help.

Download Adobe Spark

For the first step, you just need to download the Adobe Spark app from the App store. After that, create your account by adding your username and password in it.

  • You can always log in through Google or Facebook for creating an account or register with this app.
  • The best part is that this app is free for you to use. But, there are some illustrations and photos, which might cost you $1 each.
  • You won’t be scammed as that is clearly mentioned and marked in the app. So, don’t fail to go through the app pretty well before you can actually start using it.

Now for Choosing Your Design

It is really very easy to choose a design for your IG story graphic creation. First of all, you need to tap any category located at top of screen. Some of those options are Business, School, Travel or Lifestyle.

  • Once selected, now you have to make list of designs within that particular category that appeared right on your screen
  • Now, you have to tap any design in the current featured section.

Once done, you have to tap on the word Remix. It will help in appearing any screen right in front of you.

Time to Change the Design

By just tapping some of the options as mentioned now, you can change the design easily. For that, you don’t have to be a pro in graphic designing and might not need any creative skill whatsoever. However, you need to have that creative mind to get this job going smoothly.

  • You can add text or even new photo by just tapping on the selected one of your choice. Then, you can either type some new text or tap done, or can just select the photo library option for accessing photos. You can further access camera roll for taking the photo or just search for the free photos for using any stock picture. Then you might have to tap photo which you will like for using and it might add well to the design.
  • Now for the design, you have another option. You have the right to change feel and even look of post by just tapping design. After that, you can choose one of multiple suggested designs. The background or photo will just remain the same but what will change is the font and filter. Once you are through, you can just tap “Done” once you find design of your choice. All the premium paid customers can also get the right to just add their own filters and fonts in brand section and add those to design.
  • Then you have the palette section. In this section, you get the chance to change color scheme of text and image. There are various color palettes available. For changing this color palette, you just have to create new one. Once through you can tap done for saving palette to design.
  • If you want, you have the liberty to just resize the design as per the use. You have the right to choose correct size for FB ads, IG, IG stories, YouTube and so much more. You can just tap onto the size you want and then once selected, tap done.
  • Next is the layout. You can just alter the layout of image by changing grid. This change will prompt you to upload some more pictures, depending on selected layout. You can tap on the grid you like and then “Done.” For adding some more photos, you can tap “Add” and then follow instructions mentioned earlier in that part about photo addition.
  • If you want, you have the option to change filters by selecting any one located right at bottom of screen. On the other hand, you can choose animation and then select the way in which, you want to animate images. After you are through, tap “Done.”

When you are all set and satisfied with the graphics, just tap on the “Share” button.

After that, you can select the post as either image or video for saving graphics on camera roll. From there, you can share it to IG stories just like you normally do with any other pictures or videos.

This article is written by Harris, he is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.

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