Clean Your Notebook Computer

The Correct Way to Clean Your Notebook Computer

Dust is the number one enemy of notebook computers, so it is very important to keep your laptop clean. Notebook computer has a light weight, you may take it to many places, including coffee shop, park, airport, library etc. Your laptop would attract fingerprints, grime and dirt, and you can use a can of compressed air, paper towels and vacuum to clean your notebook computer.

Clean Your Notebook Computer

At first, you can slightly dampen a paper towel. Make sure that it is not wet enough to be dripping. With a dry paper towel at the ready, wipe the screen down with a soft left-to-right motion starting at the top of the screen. Continue to the bottom, then dry the screen by softly dabbing it with the dry paper towel. Begin drying from the bottom of the screen before proceeding towards the top.

Secondly, you need to use a second damp paper towel to remove fingerprints from any other gloss components on the laptop, such as the lid. Again, make sure to dry any area that is cleaned immediately to prevent the slim chance of water making its way inside the laptop. Do not use this method on the keyboard, however, as many laptop keyboards have holes that lead almost directly to the internals of the laptop.

Thirdly, you can force dirt out of the keyboard using a can of compressed air. The compressed air works best if a small extender attachment can be used to force the compressed air underneath the keyboard. Be sure not to tilt the compressed air can, and be aware that condensation could form on the can during extended use.

Fourthly, you can probe underneath the keyboard using a paperclip, Q-tip or other small, thin object. If there is a large foreign object underneath the keyboard that the compressed air is not able to move, this method will loosen the object so that it can be removed. Be careful not to use too much force, as it is possible to detach the keys.

Finally, you can use a vacuum’s hose attachment to suck dust out from the fan vents on the notebook. Place the vacuum hose nozzle only as close as it needs to be to remove the dust, and avoid using any vacuum with extremely strong suction. Doing this will clear dust from the fan and the internal components, ensuring that heat is not trapped inside the laptop.

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