Comparative Overview of the Most Popular JavaScript MV* Frameworks

The main element of quickly learning JavaScript MV* Frameworks is to crack them down right into a series of features. The main feature of the MV* application is to route, bind the data or information, templates or views, models, and data access. In this article I’ll show some of comparative overview of the most popular JavaScript MV* Frameworks.

AngularJS, Ember, Backbone.js and React are popular JS frameworks with their advantages and disadvantages. If you are still thinking which one to choose for SPA, consider the results of the market research conducted by FreeZePro Software Outsourcers that will provide insight into their support community, market share, and progress.

MV Frameworks

Each of these frameworks is used by the major web figures: Yahoo is using Ember, Angular’s main contributor is Google, Backbone is used within, and React was introduced by Facebook.

 Overview Introduction Origin/Base Main Contributor Major Sites
Ember.js 2007 SproutCore / Handlebars Yehudi Katz Yahoo, Groupons
AngularJS 2009 GetAngular Brat Tech LLC, Google Youtube (PS3), Sky Store
Backbone.js 2010 Underscore.js Jeremy Askenas WordPress, NYTimes
React.js 2013  N/a Facebook, Instagram Netflix, Sony Lifelong

This table demonstrates the maturity of all projects but it has no evidence of their popularity. The statistics provided by Web crawlers can’t give precise information when it comes to back-end frameworks. However, in our case they are on the clients’ side and the data is pretty plausible.

According to, React has been used 74 times by the top 1 million websites. At the same time, has detected 18.582 cases of React utilization on the Web. All sources demonstrate that Angular and Backbone are the most frequently used frameworks. Incidentally, the other two frameworks are not even mentioned in the account of due to their scanty market share. Backbone.js is used mostly by the top 1000 sites rather that top 1 million websites, according to

As a developer, you may be interested in the community that supports each of the frameworks. You can get an idea of the extent and speed of support that will be available in terms of your future projects. Due to this, it will be reasonable to give a couple of examples demonstrating the activity of the community. Since each project is a GitHub participant, it can give us some demonstrative statistics.

How to know which of these frameworks is the best to invest into? According to Google Trends, Angular is the most popular one and it will continue gaining its popularity in the nearest future.

Judging from the diagram, React demonstrates the most striking tendency. Within 1.5 years React has managed to rise from a zero point up to the quarter of Angular popularity. If it continues its progress, we will see a new competitive leader.

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