College Origins of Most Successful Businesses

College Origins of Most Successful Businesses

Everybody knows the origins of the most famous social network Facebook, don’t they? The other worldwide known corporations were started precisely in college. These are Yahoo, Microsoft, The Onion and Insomnia Cookies.

College Origins of Most Successful Businesses

The founders of these companies dropped out of universities when they were about 20 years old. However, colleges prefer to avoid this fact. They worked hard and tried to do their best to make a profit. And of course, a great deal of luck played a facilitating role in the development of a business.

Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your CoffeeWhen being students of Northeastern University in 2013, Johnny Fayad and Ali Kothari used to come late for their class of financial accounting which means they had no time for breakfast. The idea popped into their minds to make a snack bar with no gluten and GMO and with 80 mg of caffeine from a roasted coffee.

The snack was originated in a dormitory room and was widely sold all around. In one year it was officially set in motion on Kickstarter.

The founders were on cloud nine and could not believe they have found a solution to everlasting long for sleep.

University provided them with a variety of different sources where they achieved knowledge about running a business. Cooperation projects, concentration on business classes and professors’ advice have been of great use for them and have sowed the seeds of what tastes right now.

Kanga Kase Mate

Kanga Kase MateKanga LLC was started up by three students of University at Clemson. It offers you to make your drinks “cooler than a cooler” while being on the way.

As far as tailgating is favorite in Clemson, one may easily understand what the reason for Logan LaMance, the establisher of the business, to create such an alternative to traditional coolers was. When the football period started, every Saturday they had to bear-lead those cooling boxes.

After some beer, it struck his mind, which he could be able to create something practical and hand-held to maintain the cold temperature of beverages for a specified period. Kanga Kase Mate keeps a drink in the cold for almost 7 hours.

The head of content says that it has to do with fun. After being launched on Kickstarter in March, they have already made $34,295 in May. The chairman of the company is getting ready for a new football season. Having strengthened the ties with retailers and small drink organizations, they think through ways how to supply people with the handiest and comfortable potation cooling.

VADE Group

VADEAt the end of 2017, Ritwik Pavan founded VADE Group, after facing a challenge to park his car at Chapel Hill.

He wondered if there was any parking spot app. Ritwik came up with the idea to create one, which would show an open lot to park. A challenging point wasn’t finding a location, but a free parking place. From the very beginning, the aim was to make an app convenient for its users. It turned out that the cities and governments are much more important customers.

The application delivers the data about parking location, free spots, and traffic using a method of a lighthouse. The company sets up to make a profit of around $240,000 with one city involved. North Carolina cities have already taken an interest in its services.

The project occurs to be no the first successful project of Pavan. For the last five years, the young entrepreneur has been working on different startups. When is a second-year student at a high school, he created an application that was downloaded up to half a million times. Ritwik has so many requirements concerning web and app development that he decided to establish Linker Logic Technologies. The company grows every day and carries on improving.


ROSEN SkincareJamika Martin decided to deal with the problem of acne on her own after a two-stage Accutane intake left her with no results. She set up an organization with the name Rosen, which specifies on herb medical products. Having a basinful of ridiculous rules on how to take care of acne skin, she needed an explicit instruction and a proper breakout treating.

Having received a bachelor degree in the field of economics in the University of California, Los Angeles, at that time she was able to devote herself to ROSEN.

Attending university had a significant impact on her. Several entrepreneurship courses and communication with creative people laid a basis for her business project.

In half-year, the company has shown a perfect result of gaining loyalty from customers and making earnings.

A Piece of Advice for Young Developers

As you may assume the university degree is not obligatory, but also it is not an obstacle when it comes to doing your project. Fayad suggested starting something, only in case you have a real passion for it. This will guarantee the successful implementation of your idea. Your passion can turn into real profit, doesn’t it sound cool?

Besides, the only place where your ideas and plans are welcome is a university. There you achieve critics, inspiration, and advice both by the professors and your mates. Do not be shy to ask questions, take part in contests. Martin says that nobody pays attention if something goes wrong, only until have graduated.

However, remember that all those successes demand some sacrifice. So, make a right choice and chase your dream!

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