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How Long Does LCD Conditioning Take?

LCD Conditioning program is a feature to clear any visual errors, fault, and malfunction in the Dell monitor. However, users often make mistakes by thinking about how long it will take to finish as soon as they start that LCD conditioning program. Actually, a user who never tries and tested it often understands this feature […]

What Tests to Perform on Your API?


API tests are broad and varying. They include validation testing, functional testing, error detection testing, and many others. To validate your API’s performance and security, you must spend time conducting these various tests. Here are the key ones you need to perform. Validation Testing When creating an API, you need to include all manner of […]

How to Install a Desktop on an Ubuntu Server?

Ubuntu Desktop

Many a time I just need a server with a desktop interface, almost all the servers are based on the command line interface because it should be minimal in order to work headless. If you need or want to enable the desktop in Ubuntu server follow these simple steps: Step 1: Login to the Ubuntu […]