Stop Laptop from Overheating without Cooling Pad?

Out of all the problems that a laptop may incur, overheating is one of the common and serious ones. As it starts burning the main motto of a laptop dies. In fact, the cooling system of laptops is considered quite a significant factor while buying a new laptop. While most of the people don’t even […]

How an LED TV Works? A Definitive Guide

There is specifically no such thing as the LED TV. You might have seen the TV boxes and adverts claim that it is an LED TV. An LED is basically an advanced version of an LCD TV. It is perhaps easier to say that it is an LED TV, rather than saying that it is […]

How to Recover Files from the Virus Infected SSD Drive?

One of the most annoying ways to lose files on an SSD drive is due to a computer virus attack. This would certainly raise the alarm for you to look for a good SSD recovery tool. While making use of a computer even some of the most careful people can have their SSD drives attacked […]

What is eSIM? How Can it Change the Future of Communication?

As technology continues to progress and evolve, so the old technology becomes obsolete. One of the main characteristics of new technology is that devices are getting smaller. This is not mainly focused on devices that used to be bulky, but even the small devices are getting smaller. One particularly disruptive technology once again has to […]

How Cloud Playout Services are Changing the Face of Broadcasting System?

It was only a couple of years ago that viewers went through a bunch of channels using an analogue channel changer to new and trending cloud playout services. The options were limited and each TV station had a fixed name and number. It was easy to switch between channels from time to time just in […]

How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Certifications Exam?

Microsoft is an IT giant of the modern world. Millions of people in different countries use the software developed by this company. To continue to provide high-level services, Microsoft also offers certifications for IT professionals. Microsoft certifications are of different levels (MTA, MCSA, MCSD, MCSE) and categories (from data, mobility to app builder and cloud). […]