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How to Convert Videos from MOV to MP4?

Now, the majority of people want to see different formats of videos in the devices. People always think about how to convert MOV to MP4. Users can convert it due to various..

Cloud Computing Influences Big Data

How Cloud Computing Influences Big Data?

Communicating through Information Technology produces large amounts of data. This data will need processing and storage. This is where cloud storage comes into play, here, the..


What are Premium Domain Names?

The domain I want is too expensive, why is so? While searching for domains on any registrar, we often listen to the term “Premium Domain Names”; what are they? Premium..

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

How to Run a Computer on Solar Power?

Our sun is boon for human being and it is powering the whole solar system using its energy. We can use solar power which is a free source of energy utilizing solar panels with a..

Solar Panels

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Solar energy is boon for human kinds and in the last few years, we have adopted solar panels as a preferred energy source. It is designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a..

Cyber Attacks

How to Protect Your Website from Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks are among today’s biggest security threats and still, many site owners are not sure how to protect themselves. It seems like websites are deemed to be vulnerable..

Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail?

You can forward all the Rediffmail emails to your Gmail inbox directly using forwarding option. It is a lifesaver feature if you want manage all of emails from a Gmail account..