What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory has become an integral component of our operating systems. Its popularity or rather regular usage is due in large part to its benefits at such a low cost. In this article, I intend to tell you exactly what virtual memory is, why your computer system uses and how you can configure it on […]

YouTube Changed the Thirty Seconds Ad Format

YouTube has lots of ad formats, in that one of the most irritating ones is the unskippable 30-second ad. It forces the user to watch the full ad in order to continue to watch video user wants to view. In our personal view, these ads show up at the most inconvenient time, like when you are […]

Why Do Some Bad Videos Start Trending on YouTube?

There is no doubt the spam is everywhere, even on YouTube like famous video sharing platform. Unfortunately, many of video creators are making misuse of this feature. If you are thinking why do some bad videos start trending on YouTube then look ahead and read the reasons. Every day over hundreds and thousands of YouTubers are joining […]

Best PDF Software of 2017

Along with this great evolution of technology, there are lots of versions for any type of software on the market. There is a large array to choose from when it comes to light memory requirements, supported file types and fast usage. Depending on your preferences, you may want to use one software or another, but […]

USB Type-C Explained

USB-C (USB Type-C) is a new and small shaped and reversible connector; it is an emerging standard for charging and transferring data. At this moment, new laptops and mobile manufacturers are featuring this as a universal connector. Right now only few manufacturer had introduced it like MacBook (Pro), LG Gram, OnePlus 3 (T) and much […]

Top 10 Best Linux Laptops of 2017: Finding the Perfect Linux Friend

For many people, patent computer operating systems like Windows and Mac OS are not quite liberal with their operations and functions.While the Mac OS is restricted to Apple computers, Windows operating systems, to fuel Microsoft’s capitalistic agenda, are found to be the default operating systems of most computers. The constraints found in both of these […]