Protect Your Identity with a RFID Wallet

As you wander through the mall and browse at the windows of retailers, or stand in line for a cup of coffee, have you ever wondered about the safety of your personal information? The chances are that it’s the furthest thing from your mind as you smell the fresh aroma of roasted espresso beans. The […]

Why Developers Prefer iOS More Over Android Platform?

There is no doubt that Android and iOS both are great platform for applications. You will find millions of apps from Playstore as well as App Store. Still developers prefer iOS more than Android platform, ever wondered why? Lets check out some of the reasons. #1. Market Share Android’s market share is strongest in relatively […]

How to Find the Best Free Programs?

In our time it is difficult to imagine a person who does not own a computer, tablet PC, laptop or a smartphone that performs all these functions simultaneously. Modern technologies are rapidly stepping on the planet providing us with the opportunity to optimize the workflow, acquire useful services, find the right information, rest and entertain […]

The 10 Best Hardware and Software Additions to Boost Your PC Gaming Experience

There are several reasons why the PC is considered by hardcore gamers as their platform of choice. For some, it’s the ability to push visuals to the bleeding edge using powerful graphics cards. For others, it’s the existence of game mods and the fellowship of the communities around them. For others still, the freedom to […]

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working [Solutions]

Windows 10 Taskbar is highly suitable for gaining multi-tasking abilities. Windows 10 Taskbar brings you the options to run shortcuts and icons suitable for every running App. Windows 10 Taskbar is filled with lots of useful functions and one of the best is the Cortana. In fact, it is much convenient to search in the […]

10 Best Affordable Projectors to Buy in 2017

Are you one of the biggest movies lover and want to create a theatre kind of atmosphere at your home? You can say that you have some ultra high-end TV’s to do so but they are not as impressive and dynamic like projectors. On the basis of resolution and projection display, projectors are hard to […]