Working with Online Files Without Access to the Internet is Real Now!

Thanks to the technology of offline data storage, your employees will be able to receive electronic forms they need from anywhere in the world. To make it happen, before proceeding with a specified object, the mobile device of the employee will be updated with all the necessary forms. As soon as the employee wants to […]

6 Things to Ponder Upon While Choosing a Wireless Router

If you are thinking to buy a wireless router, then you have overwhelming options available to you. At first sight, all the wireless internet routers would look very much similar to you. However, they are different with their own innovative and unique attributes. Here is the checklist mentioned below which you must follow so that […]

Feeling Stressed, Angry or Happy? New Tech Computes Your Emotions

Trying to handle and hide our true emotions is a challenge we all share as humans, and trying to discern what other people are hiding from us is something that fascinates us even more. Yet latest technological developments seem to signal that there is no place to hide anymore: Scientists at the University of Oulu […]

Understanding the Microchip Technology

You’ve probably heard the word “microchip,” but do you really know what the term means? Basically, microchips are a type of integrated circuit comprised of thousands of capacitates and resistors. Integrated circuits are comprised of semi-conducting material (usually silicon) and can be referred to as a microchip, silicon chip, or computer chip. Microchips are a […]

5 Best Laptops Under Rs. 35,000 in India

Buying a good laptop is quite a hassle task. Buying one within the budget in mind is also quite mind-boggling. Based on the processor, display resolution, discrete graphics and many others, it is necessary to choose the faster technology without paying much. Most people use Laptops for Portability, Gaming, Entertainment and many other features. Gamers […]

How Mobile Phones Will Leverage Future Technologies

Mobile ownership is increasing with leaps and bounds. Almost everyone today has access to a phone either through one’s own or through a relative. At last count the number of mobile phones ranged around 7.2 billion. That’s more than the number of humans inhabiting our planet. This is the first time ever that any tech […]