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How to Fix 413 Request Entity Too Large?

Nginx Error 413

The error “413 Request Entity Too Large” is a very common error occurs with Apache or Nginx web servers. It appears when someone requests more information than is what limited by Apache or Nginx and […]

How to Reset MySQL Root Password

How to Reset MySQL Root Password

If you are using Linux and ever lose your MySQL root password or never set a root password and now unable to access it, so don’t worry, there is an easy way to reset MySQL […]

How to Hide Nginx Version?


Sometimes due to lack of time it is difficult to update the software and you end up with running old vulnerable version. In this cases, it comes to handy to know how to hide nginx […]

Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless technology is always welcomed as they are advantageous than unwieldy, wiry networks. You have a lot of options as the facility of wireless charging for mobile phones is implemented. If your mobile phone is […]