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How Do Landlocked Countries Get Access to the Internet?

Internet Connectivity in Landlocked Countries

As you all know we get access to the Internet via fiber optics submarine cables. So how do landlocked countries get access to the Internet as they cannot access the submarine cables that connect other countries? Practically such landlocked countries get it from the landlines of neighboring non-landlocked countries by sharing the same or by… Read More »

Koko Analytics Review: A Privacy-Focused Stats for WordPress

Koko Analytics

Koko Analytics is a privacy-focused stats for them who are looking for easy to use analytics or statistics plugin for their WordPress blogs. As a blogger what one wants is basic details about traffic statistics of his blog and Koko Analytics fulfills those requirements as a simple plugin that is lightweight on server resources. If… Read More »

What is the Difference Between Guaranteed and Burstable RAM?


Guaranteed RAM and Burstable RAM both are a common term in web hosting servers. Many hosting companies offer Guaranteed RAM in their dedicated servers while in affordable Virtual Private or Shared servers Burstable RAM is offered for any sudden load increase on the webservers. Guaranteed RAM is the amount of constantly available physical memory, which… Read More »

Online Banking Security Measures to Keep Fraudsters Away

Online Banking

There is so much banking work handled online these days that there is no skipping the fact that will be beneficial to have safety know-how on internet usage. The widespread use of online banking has made the life of a lot of account holder highly easy. There is no need to rush to the bank… Read More »