10 Kids Who Definitely Bested Their Teachers

Here we have 10 kids who definitely bested their teachers while answering the questions whatever asked in the exam. Kids are innocent and sometimes they makes us happy.


Day and Night in New York City Captured in Single Images

Photographer Stephen Wilkes creates remarkable images of day and night at once by setting up his camera to take pictures of a single scene over and over for 15 hours. He then blends the images to get…


Why the Qwerty Keyboard Layout Was Invented?

The question is asked by every newbie computer learner or child presented with keyboard for the first time that why keyboards are in qwerty format, or why keyboards are not in alphabetical order…

Windows Clean Boot

What is Clean Boot : How to Perform it

Clean Boot is a feature of Microsoft Windows; where we disable all the third-party startup applications and then try to restart the system. This way we can perform a clean boot. Clean boot helps to…

How to Access Advance Startup Options in Windows 8

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20 Windows 8 Shortcuts You Should Know

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Windows 10 Technical Preview

6 Best Features of Windows 10

Microsoft is working hard to bring back its old charm. Since the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft has been criticized for making sudden and unexpected changes. Microsoft has lost a major portion…

Clean Windows Temp Folder

How to Clean Your Windows TEMP Folder

This tutorial is about cleaning up your windows temporary files to gain hard drive space and bit of a speed performance too. In windows the temp folder contains only temporary files that are only…